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Infinix Na Comrades – Taking Mobile Photography To The Next Level

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These days, one can barely buy a camera without considering its ability to take good photos. Mobile photography has over the years revolutionized the capturing of moments in just a matter of seconds. Although mobile photography is not necessarily here to replace the bigger and more professional cameras, its place in taking fun, simple and immediate photos especially for sharing on social media cannot be underestimated.

Phone manufactures have since taken note of clients’ needs in taking these simple snaps and the days of grainy phone photos are slowly going away. We’re now witnessing bold steps in phone cameras, to a point where sometimes you’d need convincing to believe that a photo has been taken via phone.

Aside from making good phone cameras, Infinix has taken things a step further and taken to teaching young men and women various mobile photography skills. This with the aim of showing them how to make the best of their phone cameras. On 26th July at the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) at Kasarani Sports Stadium, Infinix met with over 3,000 youth from different parts of the country for what is dubbed InfinxNaComrades. The youth were a mix of both high school and college goers. The attendees were also given opportunities to win goodies from the phone company. Gifts included Zero3, Note2LTE and Hot3 LTE.

If all goes as per plan, Infinix will have phase two of the Campus Tour, seeing that phase one was a success. In phase two which may run in September, the company plans to work with successful and professional photographers who will be mentoring the youth who plan on being photographers in future. With a good and quick camera, everyone is a photographer now!

Infinix has already introduced the InfinixNaComrades program Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT Karen), Multimedia University, Moi University and of course at the IYF event at Kasarani.

The fact that one is taking photos with a phone does not mean that they always have to be mediocre.

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