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Introducing The New Infinix Note 3

by Femme Staff
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Note 3 Infinix

Meet the newest kid on the block from Infinix – The Infinix Note 3. The phone was launched last evening at Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi and has come with some new features that I’d say are really practical and well thought out. The Infinix Co-Founder and Managing Director said at the launch that the company has studied the unique challenges that face mobile phone users and addressed them specifically. They used countries like Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana for their market research.

We’ll capture a few features here and then the full experience once we’ve used the phone and done a full review.

Battery Life

One huge challenge with mobile telephony is certainly battery life. We’re using battery guzzlers that have all these cool features but they run out on us even by early afternoon sometimes. The Infinix Note3 comes with a whopping 4500 mAh battery. Simply speaking, you will never need to carry around a power bank on a daily. This is a phone that you can comfortably run two full days with and if you’re a light user, even 3.

Along with a long lasting battery life comes the ability for fast charging. The phone features a duo charge engine that means that just 5 minutes of charge gives users 200 hours talk time for example.

Security – The note 3 comes with fingerprint scanning for enhanced security.

Camera – It has 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera.

The Infinix Note3 is 3G enabled and is available exclusively to Jumia and is going for Kshs.14,999/-

Here are a few more features captured at the launch. More is coming when we do the full review.

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