Taxi Hailing App Little which we wrote more details about here is now available via USSD. This means that the app can now be used even by non-smartphone users to hail taxis.

So far, Little has had over 1,400 drivers sign up, and the app has been downloaded more than 23,500 times on Android, Windows and iOS.  Craft Silicon’s idea of developing the USSD platform is to bring on board millions of people who are not able to hail cabs simply because they did not have smartphones. This is according to Craft Silicon’s CEO Kamal Budhaghatti.

To hail a cab via USSD, simply dial *826# from your mobile phone.

I’ve just tried out the USSD service. I’m not going picking a cab as yet so I did not complete the procedure. But the far I tried out it worked pretty fast.

Here is how it works:

























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