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The Lenovo Vibe C – My Experience And Review

by Femme Staff


As you may be aware, Lenovo launched the entry level phone Lenovo Vibe C into the market earlier this year.

I like where the mobile phone market is going. Gone are the days when gadget lovers were locked out of smartphone use due to high costs. Now there are entry level phones that bring the goodness of mobile technology even to people on tight budgets.

The Lenovo Vibe C for example retails for around Kshs 9,999/- depending on the outlet, something that makes it quite affordable. I used the phone for about a month and any short comings I might have noted are well covered by the fact that there is a good compromise on the pricing. It would be unfair to have expected unreasonably high features from a gadget and pay little for it.

I would therefore say it is well within price range for the features it has.

Here are some features of the phone:

  • 8GB internal storage. This can be expanded via microSD to 32GB. Quite a bit of storage if you ask me. I don’t keep a whole lot of stuff on phone so event he 8GB storage is enough for me. But for those who store more, then a microSD will sort you out.
  • 4G enabled – Good for the likes of us who are always consuming content online and we want it fast.
  • 5 Megapixel back camera and 2 megapixel front for selfie lovers. These camera specs for me did not the highest out there considering how mobile devices are upping this department
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Quad-Core processor – The phone works fast and without lag even for the most problematic apps.
  • 2300 mAh battery. This should be enough to cover a day’s work for a not so heavy user. I found that I had to have a power-bank on standby by about early afternoon. But to be fair, I use phones a lot for content and especially video.
  • The phone comes in just black and white, something I found strange since I think part of the consumer population is likely to be the young vibrant population. Anyway, I between the two I’d go for the white.
  • 5” screen – I found this to be slightly smaller than the phones I use but it is still a big enough screen for catching up with reading, watching videos. I found the screen a bit of a challenge for playing games but its not anything that I cannot get used to.
  • I found the sound quality on the phone quite good but unfortunately the earphones are hard plastic and are too big. With prolonged use my ears started aching and I had to use other earbuds with rubber covers.

All in all I found the Lenovo Vibe C well balance in terms of cost and available features. It is a perfectly functional phone that will cover the low budget smart phone users perfectly.

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