The Ford Mustang is now in available in Kenya having being launched in the country yesterday by CMC motors. The Ford Mustang is not new in other parts of the world. In its 50 years of existence, 9 million of them have been sold. This is the first time that the Ford Mustang is launching in Kenya as previously there was no right hand version.

There will be two models of the Ford Mustang available in Kenya – the 2.3 litre Turbo charged eco-boost engine and 5 Litre v8 engine. Both cars are available in manual, automatic, convertible and fast back.


The manual V8 fast back goes for Kshs.10.5M and Kshs.9.5M goes for 2.3 Litre version.

CMC distributes Ford cars in Kenya and are already working with Ford Focus, Ford Kuga, Ford Fusion, Ford Everest and Ford Wildtrack among others.  CMC and Ford motors have had a relationship since 1991.

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