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Tecno Launches The Tecno DroidPad 10 Pro II With Remix OS

by Femme Staff


Tecno Mobile has hit the market with yet another tab, with the launch of Tecno Droidpad 10 II Pro. Previously Tecno has launched DroiPad 7C Pro, DroiPad 8 II and PhonePad 7 II. Droidpad 10 Pro II is the latest member of the Tecno DroidPad family and is made to give users a combination of redefined design, and a more advanced Android OS – Remix OS. With this gadget, Tecno is bringing forth a concept they call ‘in one’, simply meaning that users now have the advantages of a PC and the portability of a tablet in one device. DroiPad 10 Pro II integrates the fun of a tablet, the efficiency of a PC and the function of a smartphone

The new pad launched into the market yesterday and will fit perfectly into the lives of people who want mobility in their day to day life. It is smaller than your average laptop and with installation of the right apps, it will have enough functionality to cover all your office, entertainment and home needs. Another major advantage is that it uses Remix OS. The pad will work well for a hectic work life as well as something to relax with. It will go with you to meetings, move around with you outside of work and is a good companion even for reading.

All this is enabled by the features that the pad comes with, some of which we had mentioned in an earlier article. Here is a look at some features.


A 7000mAh battery. The tab is well optimized for battery use and considering that battery is the one major thing that technology consumers are always crying about, this is a big plus. One full charge of the DroidPad 10 II Pro for example will give a user upto 14 hours video playback. How many movies are those? If for example you have a long distance bus travel, all you need is to save a few movies in there and a pair of headphones and you’re good to go.

Fast charge

Still on charging, what good is a gadget with good battery that takes forever to charge? We want charged gadgets and we want them now! The Tecno DroidPad 10 Pro II for example will give you 2 hours of video playback with just 20 minutes of flash charge. Is you’re going to a meeting and have 20 minutes to kill at reception, charge your tablet.


The DroidPad10 Pro II comes with a full Bluetooth de-touchable keyboard for when you want to use it for some work other than just watching stuff or listening to music. Users can also easily connect a mouse to the keyboard via OTG cable. Speaking of music and movies, the pad comes with dual stereo soundbox for good sound.


The world is moving fast and the people moving equally fast with it want fast internet. The DroidPad 10 Pro II comes enabled with 4G. It is also a dual SIM for more choice to customers. What’s more, DroiPad 10 Pro II supports FM, Bluetooth, GPS and WIFI.

Remix OS

The Droidpad comes with Remix OS. What is Remix OS? An android variant that brings a slick desktop style interface to Android. Source. Remix OS features intuitive file management so that users can select files, or even drag and drop multiple files across folders.

We’ll do a full review of the DroidPad 10 Pro II after we’ve used it for a while.

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