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Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell And Intel Helping SMEs Work Faster And Smarter

by Femme Staff

One cannot underestimate the power of the right business tools to help businesses grow. The right business tools will increase productivity, keep company data secure and enhance collaboration so it’s easy for people work together while keeping company secrets intact. Right tools will save businesses money as workers do not necessarily have to travel back and forth for something that can be discussed and sorted via say, skype.

It is with this in mind that Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell and Intel have announced a campaign dubbed Accelerate Your Business. The aim of the campaign is to provide small and medium sized businesses with tools to enable them work smarter and faster by use of innovative technologies, hence enable them grow. These small and medium sized businesses are said to contribute 45% of Kenya’s economy.

The Accelerate Your Business campaign which will run for three months starting this month will tackle its purpose in several ways. It will expose customers to deeper knowledge of Windows 10 as well as Windows 10 Pro devices, and demonstrate to them how these will benefit them through enhanced security, productivity, better collaboration with teams and protection of a company from data losses or security breaches.

A company’s data is one of its most important assets and security of the same is not to be taken lightly. Collaboration can and does save companies lots of money and time in reduced travel fares, travel time and other such expenses.  As a simple example, think of a team that works together remotely, only having to visit the office once in a while and saving lots of time and travel expenses. Or a team that stores and accesses data via cloud, thus never having to spend money and time delivering documents via flash disc.

“Microsoft is thrilled to announce this initiative with Intel, Lenovo and Dell today. Businesses now can enjoy the perfect blend between our tools and the new hardware designs from our partners. We are continuously reinventing the services that people use to be productive. We continue to extend and enhance our platforms, services and the cloud that powers them, to fit into the changing, real-world business processes that reflect how people work today as dynamic teams and groups working toward a shared outcome, with the need to collaborate and stay always connected, securely, on any device,” noted Rotimi Olumide, Windows Group Lead, Microsoft Sub Sahara Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.

How do the gadget makers come in?

Modern software goes hand in hand with modern hardware with capabilities such as touch, ink, etc. Hardware makers are seeing to it that Windows 10 Pro is available on a wide variety of devices to fit different scenarios. For example, there are rugged devices that will survive the rougher areas, there are powerful workstations for large displays, and there are thin and light notebooks to name a few.

“Lenovo has made great strides in the East African market through provision of innovative devices that have enabled consumers to experience technology that supports their business efficiency,” said Danish Oyugi Lenovo’s Country Manager Kenya.
“We have a range of products targeted at businesses that cover a range of Traditional Laptops, Multi-Mode Laptop, 2 in 1 devices, Tablet, Desktops, all-in-one, workstations, servers and storage. Lenovo has sold over 100 million units of the ThinkPad globally. We are committed to bring in quality and innovative technology into the country.” Oyugi added.

Use of genuine software stands to benefit everyone. What with all the peace of mind of knowing that you’re working in a secure environment. This is one thing that this campaign will certainly promote among other benefits.

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