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Mkopa Solar Talent Exchange Partnership With Safaricom

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Mkopa Solar and Safaricom have signed a memorandum for a talent exchange program between employees of the two companies. Safaricom staff taking part in the programme will join M-KOPA Solar for a period of three to six months, sharing knowledge and skills in their areas of specialization, and benefiting from new skills, experiences and relationships during their tenure at the solar technology company.

The swapped employees will benefit from exchanging skills in customer care, innovation and technology, and human safety and wellness among other areas.

What is Mkopa Solar?

It is a company that sells home solar systems mostly in rural areas in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Customers pay a deposit of Ksh.3,500/-, take the kit home and continue paying 50 bob per day for 1 year via Mpesa. The Mkopa Solar kit comes with an LED flashlight, a rechargeable radio, two LED bulbs, adapters for charging phones and of course a solar panel. There’s an option for inclusion of a 16” digital TV though the deposit and daily payments for this are higher at 7,999/- and 125/- respectively.

With this disruption, the company is already lighting over 400,000 homes across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Just like mobile phones came to save the situation where landlines could not reach, Mkopa solar is getting power to rural areas that are not hooked to the national electric power grid.

The impact of powering homes cannot be underestimated. Think of the difference good lighting and phone charging makes in the life of someone in an off-grid rural area. The child who can now do their homework without having to battle with the smoke from a kerosene lamp. The lady who sells fish at the road side and does not have to carry a kerosene lamp alongside the fish. The artisan who is running late on a piece and has to continue working into the early evening and maybe into the night.

Think of clean sustainable energy. Never having to buy kerosene and live with the attendant pollution of kerosene lamps. No bills, no blackouts, just clean renewable energy every day.

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