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Safaricom Launches Booklet On Safety Of Mobile Phone Use

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You know those things you think are none of your business but they actually are? Such one thing is the science of Electromagnetic Frequencies. With almost all of us having handheld devices and a number of us living near telecommunication masts and base stations, it is good to be in the know what affects you and the environment you live in, and what does not. And not just handheld devices, even your other daily appliances in the house have a degree of electromagnetic frequencies.

Safaricom recently launched a booklet dubbed “The answer in your hands”, to educate and sensitize people on exposure to electromagnetic fields. The booklet was launched in partnership with Communication Authority of Kenya and NEMA. CA is mandated to see that international guidelines on electromagnetic fields from telecommunication facilities and consumer devices are within safe limits. NEMA (National Environment Management Authority) is tasked with making sure that the environment we live in is safe for all.

There are a lot of myths surrounding the health effects of base stations and mobile phone use, mainly due to the fact that there is little balanced and factual information out among the laymen. The booklet breaks down the science of frequencies into bite size facts and answers in simple language. I particularly like the Q&A which answers common questions like why you’re asked to switch off your phone at petrol stations, in airplanes, and how safe it is for children to use mobile phones among other common but all so important questions.

So yes, Electromagnetic frequencies are very much your business and it is good to be in the know about them. Check out the booklet here.

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