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More Flexibility For Safaricom Customers With Flex Bundles

by Femme Staff

Many of us have been in a scenario where we’ve bought bundles with a pre-determined fixed number of minutes, texts and data, only to run out of one of them and remain with another that you don’t need. To counter that and especially for businesses and entrepreneurs, last evening Safaricom launched Flex – a bundle arrangement that gives users much more flexibility in how they use their voice, data and SMS messaging. Unlike traditional bundles which came with fixed data, fixed minutes and fixed number of SMS, Flex allows users to convert their airtime into one uniform bundle for all these three services.

A flex bundle therefore is sort of a central reservoir from which users can draw units with flexibility between voice, data and SMS, with no input on their end as to which service to allocate what resources to. Flex will do that automatically, giving users freedom to navigate across Safaricom’s different products without restrictions.


Flex allows users to make savings of 35% on calls. A single Flex unit will give you 3MB data, or 3 SMS or a 20 seconds voice call. Not all three, either or.  Flex bundle prices are:

  • Daily Flex going for Sh.99 and offering 115 Flex units
  • Weekly Flex going for Ksh.599 and offering 700 Flex units
  • Monthly Flex going for Sh.2,499 and offering 3,100 Flex units valid for 30 days.

Customers can roll over any unused FLEX units by renewing their existing FLEX bundles before expiry.


Use of Mpesa to send money will earn customers a reward of 3 Flex units for any amount above Sh.100. Below that amount falls under M-pesa kadogo which is free of charges.

Flex is accessible via the short code *100# for prepaid customers, and *200# for post paid customers. You can also visit the nearest Safaricom outlet for activation.

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