They say that lady luck smiles on us differently but sometimes, it requires a bit of work from our end. In this case, it could be as easy as buying a lottery ticket. Most people think that lottery and betting are the same while in truth they couldn’t be further from each other. I attended the live shoot of the Pambazuka National Lottery to get a feel of what it was to win something.

Right off the bat, it was obvious; everything was being done above board. The audience was from different parts of Nairobi, picked at random from among the people that had purchased a Pambazuka lottery ticket. When I got there, they were being briefed on what was going to happen in the show. There were stern-faced people from the betting control and licensing board with their clipboards expertly looking through the equipment to make sure everything was up to standard and passed some rigorous tests including making sure that all those little white balls weighed the same. You cannot help lady luck along.

The atmosphere was electric and you could feel the expectation in the audience as everyone clutched their tickets ready to double check the numbers.  If lady luck was anywhere on that Wednesday afternoon, it was there. Next to all that equipment on stage, was the money blower where one lucky person from the audience would get to get in and grab as much money as they could as it got blown around.

The show was exciting to watch. The part where the balls were all put in the little machine I could see how I would have held by breath in anticipation as the little balls floated around. As soon as all the numbers came on, you knew that maybe some lucky person somewhere in this country was celebrating like that somersaulting grandma from an old commercial. Then a young lady won herself a chance to go to the money blower through a round of trivia questions. She was a diligent one, grasping at all the money her hands could hold on to as it blew around. She managed to walk out with a little over 13 thousand shillings.

The entire time we were there, you got the feeling that this really was about luck. There were no odds to be played, your winnings were not dependent on the results of certain players; everything was dependent on luck. The pambazuka guys take their jobs seriously too; they kept making sure everything was working correctly. They also has enough people playing overwatch and making sure nothing was manipulated; they checked and double checked things, then checked them one more time for good measure. It was a fun experience that made me look at the lottery in a whole new light.

Pambazuka is yours for the trying and you can now use SMS code 79649 to play.

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