It is no secret that talent, hard work and diligence can work wonders to propel one to great heights and this is the case with 16 year old Kenyan Gerald Kamau Barry.

Gerald is a member of Byron Consort, an England based boy’s consort which was founded in 2001 at the Harrow School in England where Gerald is studying music. Byron Consort consists of a small number of boys all aged between 13 and 18 years, and they sing secular/sacred classical music most of which comes from the Renaissance, Romantic and modern periods.

Gerald started his musical career at a very young age by singing hymns in Sunday school. He went on to be a chorister in primary school and has since worked his way upto being accepted at the prestigious Harrow School on a musical scholarship. It is here that the young chorister’s outstanding musical talent and skills got him accepted into the elite Byron Consort. Gerald is also an oboist, a pianist and dabbles in guitar.

Gerald is academically gifted and other than building his life around music, he also has a keen interest in languages especially Mandarin. He’s very mathematical, which goes hand in hand with music, and very artistic as well, with an A Star in fine arts.

On the sports front, Gerald is a sporty young man who has always been part of rugby teams, and is particularly passionate about Harrow Football.

Gerald has grown up all his life in Christian environment and has always gone to Christian schools and as a result, he’s a boy of strong faith.

Gerald’s dual heritage has enabled him to hone skills from a wide culture base. He has natural leadership and political characteristics which he inherited from his Kenyan side of the family, and classical music skills from his paternal European roots.

This great son of Kenya will be in the country as Byron Consort comes in for a series of charity concerts in the country, proceeds of which are going to Ghetto Classics.

What is Ghetto Classics?

Ghetto Classics is a Korogocho based community program that nurtures children mostly from the surrounding rough neighbourhoods through music. It provides a family and a direction in life and many of the children there have gone on to improve school grades and even earn a livelihood as a direct result of their association with Ghetto Classics.

Ghetto Classics is testament of how a positive outlook in life and a discipline like music can positively alter one’s direction and it is good to see the larger music industry supporting the kids there.

For an evening of uplifting music and to be part of this worthy charity project, join Gerald and the Byron Consort at the Michael Joseph Centre next week 10th April 7.30pm. Advance tickets are going for Ksh1,000/- and gate tickets will be going for Ksh.1,500/-. Students will be charged Ksh.500/- and they must present a student ID. You can pay for your ticket through M-Pesa Paybill 339379.

See you there!

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