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Mahindra Launches New Bigger Pick-Up Truck – The Big Bolero

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If you are from way back, you can remember when the name Mahindra was synonymous with police cars. They sort of disappeared from the market for a while, but they have been back in recent times with a range of affordable options in the motoring department. On Wednesday the 5th of April, they launched their latest addition to the Mahindra local stable, a pick-up truck that’s called the Big Bolero.

Speaking at the launch Ashok Thakur, Head of International Operations, Africa, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “The Bolero range of pick-ups have been popular in Kenya, owing to their unmatched fuel efficiency and lower operational cost. At Mahindra, we took cognizance of the evolving needs of our customers specific to Kenya and have effectively addressed the need gap in terms of comfortable cabin and superior performance. The aim was to deliver greater earning potential, while retaining the basic tough and rugged DNA associated with Mahindra vehicles. The launch of the Big Bolero Pickup with bigger payload capacity, cargo space, power, style and safety is a veritable step towards offering more value to our customers.”

The Mahindra big bolero is meant to offer a different option for anyone looking for a superior workhorse. It comes with a large cargo body a more ergonomic cabin for added comfort.

What is interesting in the big bolero?

As the name suggests, the big bolero is bigger. There already exists a bolero pick up and a bolero maxi truck in the market. However, while the Bolero maxi is more suited to a city truck and the Bolero pick up is a workhorse of sorts, the big bolero is a set up to be the superior workhorse. As such, it comes with a 9ft cargo which is ample space and can handle up to 1.5 tonnes of weight. The big bolero has leaf suspension and it has big strong tires to handle all that weight. The 2.5L puts out 70 horsepower and 185Nm of torque

The Big Bolero also promises a smaller turning circle of 6.5 meters. The cabin is offers more comfort; it is big with bucket seats that both recline and slide to offer more options for the driver. Power steering and a smoother gear change that is modelled after the SUV gearbox offers a better driving experience. Other conveniences include a mobile charger and a magazine holder. The Big Bolero also promises a better fuel economy with 13 km/l of fuel efficiency.


A new Big Bolero will set you back 1,950,000/-+VAT and is targeted towards businessmen, farmers and other people who will need at some point or another to carry heavy loads. It promises decent fuel economy and lower maintenance costs. To a businessman, this is music to the ears. Getting a new one at the Mahindra showroom guarantees a 2 year warranty or up to 50,000kms on engine and driveline.

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