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The Jubilee government came into power in 2013 with a host of promises in its manifesto and this being 4 years since, it is a good time to have some sort of scorecard. The sentiment in some quarters is that the promises are hardly delivered, and the answer to this from Uhuru’s government is to communicate more and more publicly to citizens. Government is of the opinion that a lot is being done but not being told and so citizens remain thinking that not much is being done.

Towards this, the President yesterday launched the public information portal where anyone can visit and check on the status of Government projects. The portal was officially unveiled yesterday at an event at KICC, which was attended by the President, the deputy President, cabinet secretaries, other government officials and citizens.  The main aim of the portal is to set the record straight on what the promises the government made and how much they’re delivering.

The president urged the media to visit the delivery portal so as to be able to rise informed questions other than blanket criticism of Government. So that by the time media goes on air or print, they’ll have a better standing when digging into projects and asking questions. He also asked the public from different counties to have a look at what is going on in their counties so they’re aware.

The president acknowledged the disconnect between wananchi and especially the youth and big projects like SGR which might not look immediately beneficial. He urged young people to look at these projects as long term and accept that the effects may not be felt now, rather through longer term economic development that they’ll bring about.

The deputy president said that another important reason for development of the portal is so that the upcoming election are score card based, as opposed to the disturbing tribal trend. That we may all look at things and candidates in terms of their development record other than their tribes.

The portal which went live yesterday is interactive and you can ask questions directly there and you’ll get an answer within a minimum of 12 hours. Have a look at it here.

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