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Decorating With Candles

by Femme Staff
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If you’re like many people, you feel momentarily confused and brain frozen when power goes off. You oscillate between anger, frustration and agonize over whether your power hungry gadgets will outlast the outage.

In between cursing the power company and feeling like the life and any further thinking ability have been snuffed right out of you, bring out your décor A game with some beautiful candles. After all, candles are the most immediate option for a lot of homes and until we can all agree to get onto the streets and protest the incompetence of state corporations, DIY lighting up your home is the most you can do. Of course there are options; like solar lamps, the rechargeable lights that shine bright like a diamond, and paraffin lanterns among others.

Candles can be a beautiful part of décor and are not necessarily for when there is no electric power. Their soft glow gives beauty, warmth, a wonderful ambience and sometimes a sweet aroma if you go for the scented variety. This atmosphere is perfect for romantic dinners and mood setting in the home. It will certainly soften the blow of hours of power outages.


Different occasions will usually dictate your candle shopping since there are many different types. Candles ideal for dinner for example will be long and thin so as not to interfere with other dinner paraphernalia on the table. They will also be non drip and non scented. Festive candles will usually be highly decorated, scented and generally cheerful in colour. Tea candles are small, compact and come in their own thin metal casing. They’re very versatile and have several uses chief of them of course being lighting. They’re excellent for floating candle décor and can be arranged in interesting designs. They’re also used to maintain gentle heat under food warmer trays or in diffusers to heat and gently evaporate scented essential oils. For basic home use however, pillar candles are the most ideal. The most defining characteristic of pillar candles is that they’re very wide and mostly tall, which allows them to burn for a long time. Go for high quality candles in the first place and have them all the time. They will, in the long run, save you money and the headache of repeat shopping as they’re slow burning.


While you’re at buying beautiful candles, give the old cooking fat lid a break and get some candle holders to complete the look. These will usually be sturdy and non flammable with enough space to catch drip. There are enough materials to choose from for candles stands, be it wrought iron, wood, ceramic, glass or marble. The designs range from plain and simple to artistic, tribal or even religious. You can also go all the way and have them custom crafted along with the rest of your furniture.

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