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Alternatives to Coffee, That Wake you up Better

by Nessa Shera
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I’m so loyal to my coffee, hell; I even have a blog about it. As sad as it is to say, the mainstream beverage is a little overrated considering that there are so many other drinks that’ll wake you up better. That doesn’t change the fact that coffee is still great for our dates, meetings and general enjoyment. I mean, can you imagine a guy say, “we should go out for tea sometime”, I couldn’t.  However, just in case you’re trying to get off caffeine for whatever reason, or maybe just forgot to buy some coffee, here are a few  drinks in your kitchen cabinet that would give you a similar, if not better, kick start morning.

Chai Tea

It sounds classy, so why not? You’ll still get your much desired caffeine with the added tastiness of spices. The cinnamon increases awareness and vitality while reducing fatigue and cardamom is a mood elevator and detoxifies the body. Basically it’ll help jolt your senses and keep you awake. Better still, the ginger stirs up your digestive system, thus accelerating your metabolism.

Hot Chocolate

Up to now, I believed this was the perfect drink before hitting the blankets for a good night sleep. For those who love their chocolate, this is your excuse to drink a nice hot mug of the same in the morning.  With the right mindset and raw cacao powder, hot chocolate can actually help make an early rise less draggy. With mixes of herbs and spices, tons of antioxidants it’s a great drink to start your morning.

Mint Tea

Besides being soothing, the smell of mint awakens and actives the mind. Its several medical qualities include the reduction of fatigue. Also the minty smell of your breath in the morning as a result is an added plus.

Black Tea

There a lot of teas we’re seeing in this article and the black kind is no exception. It’s has a variety of health benefits, with just a pinch of caffeine. This tea also has several stimulants that kick start your brain activity. It is also known for stress relief as opposed to coffee’s causing anxiety.


We need not go into the benefits of water, but this free yet essential liquid takes the cake. What would we be without it? People tend to wake up dehydrated, drinking a glass of cold water when you wake up enables you to jumpstart your day. Dehydration leads to fatigue, making you tried and less alert, by staying hydrated you stay energized. You can literally feel yourself become more alert as the water falls into your system.

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