What is Livia App?

Livia App is an app that helps clients order medicines and personal items at affordable prices within their areas.  The items can then be delivered or picked. It is the brainchild of Mombasa based doctor – Dr. Samier Muravvej.

Where does Livia App operate?

Livia App piloted in its home town of Mombasa and launched in Nairobi in June. The system is very flexible having already signed up Pharmacies in Mombasa, Nairobi, Malindi, Eldoret and Kisumu. And the list is growing daily.

Is Livia App a pharmacy?

No. It is an enabler. Livia App is a mobile digital platform for pharmacies and their customers. The same way Uber does not own cars and Air BnB does not own property, Livia App does not stock medicines.

Why should I use Livia App?

Livia App offers three distinct advantages.

  1. Convenience in that when for some reason you cannot go to the pharmacy, the app will facilitate purchase and delivery of quality medicines and personal care items. One good reason being that you may be sick and weak and delivery of meds is a godsend.
  2. Affordability – Livia App picks pharmacies based on among other factors, fair pricing, hence saving you money.
  3. Quality – Livia App partners only with pharmacies that share a philosophy for quality, and that are registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons board.

Who stands to benefit most from Livia App?

Livia App is for everyone but will be particularly useful for parents with young ones at home, patients with lifestyle ailments and need regular drug refills, tourists visiting the country and want assurance of safe medication, or even people visiting new towns.

How safe is Livia App in terms of quality of medication?

Livia App only works with pharmacies that are vetted and certified under the Pharmacy and Poisons board, a drug regulatory authority mandated to oversee safe distribution of medicines in the country. So drugs purchased via the Livia App app are safe and of good quality.

What do I need to be able to use Livia App?

A smart gadget, a free download of Livia App from Google Play or App store, an internet connection and enabled location. Beyond that Livia App is free to register and to use for both pharmacies and patients.

Why does Livia App ask for location?

As mentioned earlier, Livia App uses 3 criteria to get you the best pharmacy. Best pricing, availability of all the products in one pharmacy, and proximity. For Livia App to get the pharmacy closest to you that stocks all the items you need and to go ahead with delivery, it will need your location.

How does Livia App benefit pharmacies?

It exposes them to a wider base of clients, thus adding them an extra revenue stream. Livia App plans to partner with medical insurance companies and when this happens, partner chemists will be included in medical insurance supplier panels. This way they’ll be able to lock a lot more clients without having to go marketing to the insurance companies.

How does Livia App guard itself from misuse of the platform?

Livia App has people working on the back end to monitor orders and flag irregularities.

How does Livia App validate prescriptions?

Validation will be done by pharmacists once they win the business. The same way they validate physical prescriptions. They are trained to validate prescriptions based on medical and legal criteria.

Can I use a pharmacy of my choice on Livia App or do I have to go by what the app picks?

Yes. A user can select a pharmacy to buy from as long as it is listed on the Livia App.

How does one pay after making the order?

Payment is through Mpesa or cash. Paypal and credit card options will be added on the next update.

What if a pharmacy gives huge discounts and hogs all the business?

Winning of orders will be controlled by normal business competition. Livia App triangulates pharmacies within a certain radius and it is unlikely that all the patients will be within the vicinity of that pharmacy for it to win all the business.

Do clients have any say in the working of Livia App?

Yes. Livia App has a provision for rating pharmacies based on services. Poor ratings from clients will have a pharmacy knocked out of the system.

Client satisfaction is safeguarded because Livia App only pays the pharmacy after the client is satisfied, and can refund money to unsatisfied clients.

What if I have a late night order?

Livia App will direct the order to a late night pharmacy. The app allows pharmacies to put in their working hours and automatically switches them off during their non working hours. This way, they don’t get orders when they’re closed.

What new features are coming up?

Livia App users will soon be able to search for and connect directly with doctors, physicians, consultants, surgeons, dentists and other health related professionals and make appointments at the touch of a button.

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