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Brighten Your Wardrobe In The Cold Weather

by Femme Staff
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The cold season may not afford us as much fashion freedom as hot sunny days but we have to find ways to look fabulous and still keep warm. Dark colours are good in the cold season because they keep us warm by drawing and retaining heat in our bodies. However, we do not have to bog down our style with dull monotones just because the weather is dull and dreary. So how do we inject colour into our wardrobes?


Shop for coats, jackets and trench coats in bright colours like canary yellow, azure blue and any other hues of your choice in that high colour palette. If you go this route though, be sure to keep everything else like dresses, trousers, jewelry and handbags dark and understated. We’re going for bright alright but we do not want to end up looking like the circus clown.


A woman’s wardrobe can never have too many scarves. They’re so beautiful and versatile and take so little space in your drawers that they’re not a bother to have at all. You can use scarves to add colour, floral elements and pattern and to soften a dull outfit while at the same time keeping you warm. When it comes to shopping for scarves, go as adventurous as you wish especially with the colour range and throw them over any outfits that are a bit on the dull side, taking care to match them carefully especially with other elements of the outfit like shoes and bag.


Keep away the brown or black laptop bag for now and invest in a coloured bag to lift your looks and mood in this dreary weather. At most interchange bags between dull and bright bags or go with bright the whole way. Invest in a big enough hand bag that will fit your laptop and all its accompanying paraphernalia like a charger, back up charger and mouse and mouse pad if you carry one, as well as your usual purse essentials.


Bright coloured shoes are not exactly advisable in the rain and wetness that often accompanies the cold, but you can still get a matching shoe for your handbag and coats by going a notch lower in the colour chart and picking a medium palette shoe. It makes sense that shoes should be closed so as to keep the feet warm during the day. Boots are particularly useful in these temperatures.


Accessorize your outfits with stunning jewelry this season and always. Accessories are anything from hair pins and clips, hair bands, earrings, bracelets and brooches among others. Depending on how busy the outfit is, keep the accessories either piled on or toned down but always make sure they’re chic, classy and go with the dressing. Even nail polish can count as an accessory. Your toes are likely to be full time covered in closed shoes or boots in the day so have some colour on your finger nails.

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