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Gillette Breaks Guinness World Shaving Record At Ku

by Femme Staff
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Yesterday at an event at Kenyatta University, Gillette attempted and managed to break the Guiness World Record for the most men shaving in one place. The previous record was of 2,374 people and Gillette managed to surpass that by having a gathering of over 3,000 people.

The beard gang was well represented by one other than Shaffie Weru who had promised to let go of his famous beard at the event. Though he did not completely erase his trademark beard, he trimmed it and cheered the rest of the shavers on.

The Gillette Guinness World breaking record was certainly fun, with a line up of entertainers and great music all day. Attendees, mostly a young crowd from universities had a day of dance and the fun was almost palpable.

At the same time, this campaign is also meant to educate guys about shaving, so that they have the best experience.

Some of the points that were put across throughout this period were:

Cleanliness – One of the major causes of discomfort for guys after shaving is nicks and irritation. Guys are advised to always use a clean sharp blade. It is dull blades that end up in nicks and the a dirty blade will fuel infections. Also, always clean your skin with mild soap and warm water to its clean before shaving.

Change blades – Over using a blade will not do you any favours. Whenever there is tugging or struggle during shaving, you need to change the blade.

Lather – When shaving, always use enough lather to moisturize the beard. Lathering softens hair and prevents irritation. In the absence of shaving cream, you can use mild soap and clean water. Leave the soap or shaving cream on for at least 3 minutes so that the hair is completely soft before cutting.

Gentleness – Do not manhandle your beard. Use gentle strokes and always shave along the grain. That is in the direction that your hair grows. Shaving against the grain is too rough on skin and will almost certainly cause irritation. Also shave in single strokes. If you must repeat shaving an area, make sure to lather it afresh.

Aftershave – Shaving will generally dry your skin and it is important that you use a moisturizing aftershave immediately after.

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