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Cover Up Your Tresses With Some Fashionable Hats

by Femme Staff
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Hats have always been used by women the world over for both functionality and as a fashion statement. Different hats can be used to complete different looks and although there are no hard and fast rules as to what one can experiment with, here are 4 of the most common hats and some loose guidelines on how to go about them.

Beanie hats

Beanie hats are a fun and funky way to look fabulous especially in cold weather. They’re simple, brimless caps which you simply throw onto the head after combing and styling hair as desired. You can leave some hair, weave or braids out of the hat as a fringe, on the sides, or all pushed back. You can also cover it up completely if you’re having a particularly bad hair day. Beanies are not your typical office look but rather are great a outdoors as well as indoors informal look. They go well with a casual laid back look of jeans, shorts, t-shirt and jacket. They are also quite agreeable with the dress and trench coat look for a cold weather look.

Baseball caps

These must be the most commonly worn hats of all time. They are much associated with sports, but they are to be found on the streets and pubs and now increasingly as a branded weekend look at the workplace. They are good for sporting events and outdoor activity and are best paired with sportswear though they will go just as well with the jeans and t-shirt look. The front projection is meant to protect your eyes and forehead from direct sunlight, or from glaring lights at night.


A fedora hat is a chic addition to any fashion forward woman’s wardrobe. A fedora hat will go with just about any items of clothing but to successfully pull off the right look, you have to look chic in whatever you’re wearing, be it jeans and a classy frilly top, a flirty dress or a stylish jumpsuit. They are not exactly the look for the office but can be worn to any semi formal and informal occasions. They’re great for both day and night. Most fedoras will usually have a band, ribbon or scarf at the base for added colour and elegance. These bands are mostly removable and interchangeable, making it possible to switch colours and styles with different outfits. Depending on the occasion and the rest of the outfit, you can even add a feather.

Wide brimmed hats

These are a powerful fashion statement that will take you anywhere from high end garden party or wedding to the beach to the race course. They are so versatile at the beach that they will look as good paired with just swimwear as they will look paired with a flirty dress and big sun glasses. The wide brim gives enough space to tie a chiffon wrap around the base of the hat, giving the wearer the opportunity to be as playful or as demure as they wish depending on the occasion. Pair a wide brimmed hat with short dresses or shorts for a young, fun and funky look.

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