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Rural Energy Solutions Go A Step Further With d.light X850

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Rural lighting is a major deal, considering that millions of households in Kenya are not connected to the national electric grid. As expected, the homes most affected are those of low income earners in far flung areas and these unfortunately are people who also cannot afford solar panels and connections either.

But thanks to companies like d.light, this scenario changing rapidly. d.light is a global solar solutions company that works to supply clean and affordable energy especially to these people who need it most. The award winning renewable energy provider has already impacted 75 Million lives with their fair priced solar kits, and aims to empower 100 Million people by the year 2020. Currently in Kenya, one in three off-grid households own a d.light solar product.

Previously, solar solutions were limited to just lighting. Last week, d.light launched the Solar X850, a package that will offer users not just lighting, but also solutions for charging household gadgets and watching digital TV. The X850 package has a solar panel, 5 lights, a torch, radio and batteries. It is upgradable to 8 lights and TV, and in the future other 12V appliances that can be powered by its three 12V ports. This upgrade will not require the customer to purchase new base gadgets.

The d.light 19” LED High Definition digital TV which is part of the package recently won the Global LEAP award for “the world’s most efficient TV in its class.”

d.light is working with strategic partners to push their core agenda of creating positive social impact in the clean energy sector. Just a few months ago, the company partnered with Musomi, a micro lender that targets customers who are traditionally considered un-credit worthy or high risk. These are the people who most need reliable and affordable green energy.

According to d.light CEO and co Ned Tozun, “Our customers will now dare to dream as the new product has the capacity to power more than just the basic home appliances like bulbs and mobile phones,” said Sam Goldman, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of d.light.


The company has all but perfected the PayGo model whereby customers pay for the solar lighting products in instalments using various mobile payment options.

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