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Nigeria’s Travel Portal Wakanow Is Now In Kenya

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Wakanow, a Nigerian platform for travel and holiday bookings is spreading its wings and spreading them fast! Hot on the heels of recently launching operations in the UK, the company has now launched in Kenya and marching towards inclusion of other African countries as well. The Kenya office will oversee the company’s operations in the East African region as well as DRC and the Indian Ocean islands.

Wakanow Kenya is not here to fight or be confrontational, rather to work in collaboration with other players in the industry to identify problems that travelers are facing, and to provide solutions. In the end, the aim is demystify/simplify travel, and to make it affordable to everyone who wants to travel. This they do by leveraging on technology, and by offering a well rounded suite of products with practical features for the every day traveler.

Wakanow is the brainchild of Obinna Ekezie, a former professional sportsman who came back home to Nigeria and found a glaring gap in the travel industry. 8 years on, it is now the biggest travel platform in Africa in terms of booking volumes. The company which has under its belt a 2013 award for the 5th fastest growing company in Nigeria has presence in the UK, US, Dubai and 9 African countries.

Some features I found really impressive on the Wakanow offering,

Wakanow travel SIM – If you frequently travel out of the country, you’re familiar with that message that the host telcos send you to welcome you to their countries and to slap you with high calling, texting and data charges. You are also familiar with the prohibitive roaming charges that you’ll incur if you opt to use your home telco abroad. Wakanow travel SIM comes with features such as free incoming calls and drastically reduced calling rates and will work in over 72 top destinations in the world.

Wakanow Pay Small Small – One of the greatest impediments to travel is costs. Otherwise given a chance, everyone would love to travel and see the world every once in a while. One of the biggest reasons for very expensive flights is late bookings. With Wakanow pay small small, clients are able to pay a down payment of 25%, have their flights secured way in advance and therefore cheaply, and then pay the balance in small small instalments for upto 6 months.

Wakanow Visa Assist – Where do we even start with the hair pulling affair that Visa chasing can be. Famous stories of Visa denials are in plenty all over the world. Been there done that. Wakanow Visa Assist will take some of the frustration out of Visa applications by helping to an extent, or even just offering crucial information to give travelers a head start in Visa application. Like necessary steps needed for application to different countries and Visa free countries. Now, Wakanow does not go and get you a visa, but it will assist upto where possible. Otherwise the final decision on visa issuance lies with the embassies of the countries customers are applying for.

Wakanow pre-paid visa card – A secure card with which enables travelers to make online payments or shop in stores. The card is acceptable everywhere that visa cards are acceptable and what’s more,  users get reward points which they can redeem for different services. Wakanow is certified by both Visa international and Mastercard. It is the only company in Sub-Saharan African to achieve this certification.

Wakanow also brings us Destinations Africa – a platform that aggregates travel packages to some of the best destinations in Africa. This surely goes a long way in putting Africa at par with other countries in terms of travel.

Karibuni Magical Kenya Wakanow!

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