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How Safaricom Is Getting Closer To The People

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On any digital space, at home, at work, across countries, in the rural village and even in remote areas of the region, communication is key. Connecting people together and ensuring we are all able to communicate with each other, whatever the scale of circumstances, is a goal worth pursuing at all levels.

On any given day, Safaricom has a lot going on as the number of mobile users rises every day. There are a lot of stories coming out of it as the company seeks to make it easier for their customers to communicate effectively in a fast paced digital world. Safaricom content is to be found everywhere on different media house sites, blogs and on social media. Now, the company has consolidated their news and information internally and packaged them into Safaricom Newsroom. Now other than the information you get on the blogs, you can also get first-hand stories from the company directly to your mobile device.

Safaricom Newsroom offers an easy access to information in one place. Using this platform, everything and anything concerning this particular telecommunications company and the trends in the industry can be answered. Safaricom Newsroom will bring you events as they happen as well as their latest products and services not forgetting to mention the latest technologies and innovations in the global and local market.

One of the best things Safaricom has done of late is to increase the number of their Customer Care centers countrywide. Have you received a text message informing you of the nearest customer care center within your neighbourhood? One of the earlier unfortunate memories that many people have of Safaricom is the winding queues that characterized the few shops/customer care centers that existed. There were so few that some were even used as landmarks; ‘Tupatane hapo Safaricom I&M!’. We have all done this at one point or another. Today, long queues will be written in Safaricom’s antiquity records. When you even go to your rural home or any remote area, you will get a Safaricom Customer Care Centre ready to assist at your disposal.

In the Social Media Space, Safaricom is notable in answering all queries fast-hand without delay. Sometimes your queries at even odd hours of the night will be answered. You tend to wonder whether their customer care services personnel sleep. As long as services are delivered, questions answered and the customer satisfied with the services, there is nothing to worry about for either parties.

Safaricom has now made it easier using Telegram, a services that allows a large number of members in their channels and groups as well as create bot platforms which allow developers create interactive bots that do a number of things such as find YouTube songs or even play games. These shows how Safaricom, as a Tech enterprise is able to reach out to its customers anywhere using applications that are easily accessible to many.

So how far will Safaricom go? It is clearly not afraid to get the extra mile to always keep their customers updated, informed and easily access their services.

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