Everyone is responsible for taking care of the environment we live in. Over the last few years, we have seen the negative effects of deforestation in the country but luckily, the alarm was raised before things went completely bad, people started noticing and efforts started being put in place for reforestation.

Companies are also helping in reforestation efforts and in generally safeguarding the future and making people’s lives better. For example, Ford and CMC Motors are collaborating with the Red Cross Society in a project aimed at expanding the forest area in Migori County, Western Kenya. This is part of the Red Cross Society’s Sustainable Environment Restoration Programme. The partnership has embarked on a programme to establish tree nurseries in each of the 47 counties in Kenya, working through the various branches of the Red Cross. Considering that an estimated 450 million tree seedlings are needed per year to realize the planned 10% forest cover by 2030, this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Ford’s Kenyan project with the Red Cross involves establishing a tree nursery to support afforestation efforts in Migori. The objective is to establish a nursery with a capacity of growing 500 000 tree seedlings each year. The national programme envisions a multi-faceted approach to plant, nurture and sustain 2.5-billion trees and wood shrubs by 2020.

Fifteen staff members from CMC Motors joined the Red Cross and members of the local community on Friday, October 6, to start planting seedlings in a nursery in Migori, a county which currently has less than 2% of forest cover.

“Ford has a strong legacy of investing in the community, showing care and commitment to help build a better world for the communities in which we operate,” explained Casper Kruger, Managing Director of Ford Motor Company Sub-Saharan Africa Region. “Each project is important, because, one person at a time, we are strengthening our communities and enhancing quality of life.”

Just about everyone has been affected by adverse aforestation and it is commendable to see what Ford Motors and the Redcross are doing.

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