As Tecno mobile continues to stamp its authority into the mobile telephone market, today the company launched the Tecno Phantom 8 – the 4th device in the phantom series. The Phantom series features higher end flagship devices from the company and so far we they’ve brought us Phantom 5, Phantom 6, Phantom 6 Plus and now Phantom 8. I’ve used both Phantom 5 and 6 and done the reviews as linked above.

The newly launched phone comes with some impressive features like a 20Megapixel selfie camera with dual LED flash, and a rear dual camera of 12mp + 13mp. The camera also has 10X super zoom and auto refocus. Clearly Tecno has gone all out on superior photography. Tecno had some professional photographers at the launch event and they testified that the photography on the phone is certainly upto professional level.

Other than taking good photos, the phone also has a good storage of 64GB and a very fast processor which can support upto 80 applications without the phone slowing down or hanging. We shall look at this features in detail when we get our hands on the device and do a review.

The phone design has a metal edge which protects the device from breaking apart in case of trauma.

It supports 4G+. The battery is 3500mAh and comes with a fast charging type C charger. It will fill from zero to 100% in 70 minutes. It will give you 150 minutes of talk time with just 10 minutes battery charge.

The new Phantom 8 is compatible with Micro SIM or Nano SIM Card and supports up to 2TB (Terra Bytes). As mentioned, we’ll do a full review in the coming weeks once we’ve used the phone.

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