Sustainable Development Goal No 4 aims at providing quality education for everyone. Number 6 ensures availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. In a heartwarming gesture that meets these two goals in one go, students of Shavihiga Special School for the mentally handicapped have received a water project funded by the Safaricom Foundation.

The special school received a water project valued at Kes 1.64 million that will provide safe water for the school and the community at large. According the school’s head teacher Damaris Otieno, they used to incur huge water bills to keep the place running. To add onto that, availability of water was erratic and the water was often unsafe and that left them dealing with frequent ailments among the students. With the water project donated to them, the students can now fully focus on their studies. The school will also benefit the surrounding community at low costs, earning them some extra money.

Safaricom Foundation will continue working with communities to guarantee that needy schools receive the amenities to boost learning. Shavihiga Special School is one of the many schools that has received support from the foundation in this region.

“Improving the environment for learning institutions across the country especially the marginalized is part of our mandate as a foundation. Education has been part of our main area of focus since inception in 2003 and we are keen on working with various institutions across the country to ensure that learners have a conducive setting to access knowledge,” said George Ndhiwa, Safaricom Head, Greater Western.

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