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The Tecno Camon CM – My Experience So Far

by Femme Staff

Since Tecno launched the Camon series of phones with a promise of good mobile photography, the company has never disappointed with each new phone, putting fair priced photography phones in customers’ hands. This comes in quite handy for photography lovers who are not able to carry a camera with them all the time, and who want to snap nice sharp photos for keepsake and for social media on the go.  The Camon CM does not to disappoint in that aspect, with a 13 megapixels rear camera with LED flash and another 13 megapixels camera at the front with LED flash as well. Gone are the days when phones came with a paltry 5MP front camera and your selfies will not pixelate even when blown up.


Camon CM is noticeably light to carry around especially for people like me who have been using the Camon CX. It has an aspect ratio of 18.9, which is not to be confused with screen size which is 5.7 inches. The aspect ratio allows the phone to have a wider viewing area without the phone necessarily having to be big and bulky to carry around. We can simply say that the phone has given more real estate to your viewing pleasure than it has to bezels and this is the general future of phones. The phone has a finger print scanner which is located at the back.

I’ve spend a good number of days with the phone since the arrival and un-boxing and taken a few photographs with it. Here are a


All that photography needs good storage to avoid phone lags and for that, the Camon CM comes with 16 GB storage capabilities, expandable to 128 GB via MicroSD.  There’s nothing like good storage to give one freedom to snap away randomly without the phone getting sluggish and having delays in capturing those passing moments.


The battery is a 3,000mAh, slightly down from the Camon CX’s 3,200 but it still goes through most of the day for me and with all my active use, I’m able to operate a whole work day on one charge. If I have to work later, then I do have to charge later in the evening. Luckily, the phone is a fast charge and in over 2 hours one usually has full charge.


I took this photo in Ngong. It is not too far from the road but still I had to zoom and the camera still did a good job.


A closeup of a plant I took just past Karen towards Ngong. The camera captures colours and shadows nicely, with clarity.


Same flower as above but on a fuller scale.


Ngong wind mills. It was early evening and the camera captures the fore plus the distance mills clearly as well.

A church just off Ngong Road. This was also zoomed quite a bit from the road.


The phone costs Kshs.17,000/- and I think those are good features for that price point. Great photography is always a plus in these days of increased social media!

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