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Minet and Carepay Partnership To Implement M-Tiba

by Femme Staff

Mobile devices can be used to improve the health care of individuals, especially in developing countries, through mobile applications. Access to health care, affordability, and quality are challenges faced all around the world. Different sources of income, the geographical location and the current high costs of health care in most cases makes it too expensive. A majority of people end up not receiving the quality care that they need, which is in most cases a basic need.

Minet Kenya Insurance Brokers Ltd has partnered with CarePay Limited to implement M-TIBA as an IT solution for future insurance and fund management products. This makes Minet one of the first large insurance brokers in Kenya to adopt a backend platform, specifically designed for mobile, in managing a medical scheme.

The M-TIBA platform has been developed by CarePay, in partnership with Safaricom and PharmAccess Foundation. It provides a secure and transparent interface between patients, providers and funders.

“We are developing a range of new solutions for our existing and new clients. We need a backend solution that utilizes smart tech. In Kenya the smartest tech, with the highest penetration, is mobile. We’re pleased to be leading the way on mobile health innovation and we see M-TIBA as the future for the management of medical schemes for our corporate clients.” Mr. Sammy Muthui, Managing Director at Minet was key to note.

M-TIBA, which launched two years ago in Kenya has already contracted over 530 healthcare facilities across Kenya and nearly 1 million users. With this platform in place, insurance brokers and insurers are going to identify considerable reductions in resources spent on administering their medical schemes and a significant decrease in the turn-around time for claims settlement.

Kees van Lede, CEO at CarePay said, “The M-TIBA platform offers a scalable solution for healthcare stakeholders to innovate around services and payments. Through this digital infrastructure, Minet will collect accurate real time data, enabling them to improve underwriting, premium pricing and payouts.”

Mr. Muthui, concluded that Minet is gearing up towards holistic insurance coverage for its clients and they see M-TIBA contributing towards that objective, by helping in the drive towards health inclusion. Medical claims administrators will be able to access accurate data that will inform better decision making on MINET’s product offering moving forward.

This partnership through mobile technology is an avenue through which health care delivery will be improved. This collaboration can help lower costs by facilitating the delivery of care, and connecting people to their health care providers.

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