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The All New Darling Elegant Braid – #HairLightAsAir To Protect Your Hairline

by Femme Staff
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Every woman wants a beautiful crowning glory to complete her look. That is why hair and how women choose to style it is a very big deal – one that drives whole industries into multi billion profits. That is also why companies like Darling – East Africa’s best known in the hair extensions market, spend time and money in extensive research and development processes to come up with products that not only resonate with their clientele’s needs, but also make them happy.

At the same time, nobody wants to ruin their hair in the name of beauty and unfortunately if one is not careful enough to take good care of their hair, this may end up happening. One major problem that women have been having over the years especially with extensions is destruction of the hair line.  This is what the company seeks to address with the introduction of the recently launched Elegant Braid, that promises to be kind to women’s hairlines. Elegant braids are made with light weight fibers so that hair does not bear too much weight of extensions. The braid is also smoother and has more sheen, thus promising a neater shinier finish.

The elegant braid which was launched last week at a glamorous event in Nairobi also gives more styling options since it does better hot water curls, giving stylists and their clients more edge.  Just as well because the modern woman is getting more fashion forward and demanding more from the brands she chooses to spend her money on.

See here in pictures is evidence of the glamour that was the launch event. Be sure to ask your stylist about elegant braids the next time you’re switching styles!


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