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An In-Built Cooling System And 60 MP Camera May Be Coming In The Next Tecno Device

by Femme Staff

So soon after the launch of the Tecno CM just last month, something new is said to be in the works in the Camon line. Tecno which has fast become one of Africa’s leading smartphone go-to promises to revolutionize the mobile market with the new entrant that comes out soon.

Rumour has it that the phone which will launch soon will come with an inbuilt cooling system and a possible, and if true massive, 60mp rear camera with super pixel zoom.

The phone which could be a duo is also rumoured to have a first of a kind camera feature – something that won’t come as a surprise since the Camon series has set itself aside for phone photography. We’re not sure when the device will get here but reports suggest that the global launch will be in Lagos Nigeria next month. I’m almost sure that as has been in the past, it will get here soon after that.

The ‘coming soon’ Tecno Camon smartphone whose specific model remains undisclosed is also said to come with a state of the art facial recognition system, large in-built storage and the latest android operating system. With the rate at which technology is advancing generally as well as the rate at which Tecno is churning devices, these gadgets could soon perform MRI scans on us :-D.

While there is no way to validate this information at this point in time other than wait for official launch or release of statement from Tecno, we can only hope that some of these claims circulating online have some truth to them as it would be yet another bold effort from Tecno, putting superior technology to the average tech consumer and generally upping the expectations in the mobile phone industry.

Like the Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus, the phone may come in two variants, giving customers more choice. What else does Tecno Mobile have up its sleeves with the coming launch? Transparent aesthetics maybe? RAM larger than computers? X-Ray capabilities on a mobile phone? A facial recognition security scanner? We can only wait to find out. What we can be sure of or now is that all these features will come encased in a superior modern design.

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