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How LG Is Making The Kitchen Smarter

by Femme Staff
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Food means many different things to different people.  It goes beyond the physical. A research conducted by TravelMama had women around the world explaining what food meant to them and their varied responses highlighted the importance placed on food, other than just for survival measure.

“Food is at the root of everything, we build relationships, cultures and communities around it”- Lisa

“Cooking is my religion, the kitchen my temple, each ingredient, what I worship. It all begins there”- Frankie

“Food pretty much surrounds my whole world”- Therese

“Food can mean an array of things. The biggest, survival!”- Meanie

Evidently, food plays an integral part in human interaction. It is no wonder that the average woman spends over 7 hours a week cooking. This is in stark comparison to the 5 hours spent by the average man.  This begs the question – how much time should be spent on food preparation? Is food preparation getting in the way of the bigger picture – which is family time? How much time is spent preparing food compared to how much time is spent actually eating it?  How much is also spent post-meal to clean up?

The process of preparing food does not just start in the kitchen- it starts with the grocery shopping, something that is estimated to take 53 hours a year on average.   It is therefore important for women worldwide to learn how to juggle and maintain the delicate balance between work, family life and personal interests.

Thankfully, the year 2018 has seen creative innovations have provided solutions that press for progress.  The LG ThinQ Smart Kitchen has managed to infuse smart technology into everyday life interactions that allow for convenient, smart and efficient living. Smart refrigerators, electric ranges and dishwashers make managing the kitchen easy.

With a range of features activated using the LG SmartThinQ® app on a smartphone, a woman is able to manage the kitchen even when away from home.

“Think about it, you call the refrigerator at home, the refrigerator is able to list all that needs to be restocked;  and then a simple phrase like “put some milk in the shopping cart”  spoken to a connected digital assistant is all it takes to get your weekly shopping done,” says Moses Marji, LG’s General Manager Marketing.

It even works with the Google assistant! The culinary process is further simplified. No more standing around in the kitchen. LG electric ranges with SmartThinQ® technology let you remotely check the status of the oven to see how your latest bake is coming along. And once dinner is done, just load the washer and go. LG smart dishwashers use SmartThinQ® technology to send you an alert when your dishwasher is done with a cycle. That means less waiting around, and more time for you.

Connected technology is not only time saving, but it also helps to run the home more efficiently. With all the free time at hand, you are free to let your hair down and savor other culinary not prepared from your kitchen.

With the LG eco-friendly system, no energy will be wasted on a night out- just activate the vacation mode on the LG smart refrigerator from anywhere using the LG SmartThinQ app and help conserve energy, plus save on energy costs. Now that is progressive!

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