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How LG’s smart home innovations are changing home dynamics

by Femme Staff
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“I can work 20 hours a day for three days straight, moving about with heavy equipment, under the hot sun. I still don’t understand why handwashing 7 shirts leaves me weak and in need of physiotherapy.”

This Facebook post by a popular male blogger raised quite a storm recently. The debate covered various topics ranging from which detergent is the best for easy washing, to what time is best for doing laundry to utilize minimum energy, and eventually the usual – who is supposed to do the laundry.

Although the discussion held divergent views, the underlying theme was that women are natural multitaskers. Whether married or single, with small or large families, the 2016 ABS Census revealed that the typical male spends than five hours a week on domestic chores, while the ‘typical’ female spends up to 14 hours a week on domestic work.

Although this research was conducted in Australia, it is safe to assume that the pattern is replicated worldwide since most societies are patriarchal, and to an even greater magnitude in a country like Kenya where as much as society is transforming to accommodate women in the modern work places, traditional gender roles in the home are still heavily in practice.

This year, and especially in March, the running theme for women worldwide is Press Play for progress.  The society has adopted a forward thinking approach that recognizes women empowerment and domestic chores need not be mutually exclusive thanks to innovative technology.

LG has long been a driving force behind smart home innovation. With intuitive and voice activated appliances, households can be ran remotely, leaving a woman with a lot of free time in her hands to pursue other interest.  For example, the LG instaview refrigerator operates as a “home assistant” that lets a user know the contents in the refrigerator from a simple phone call.

“This not only makes for convenience as one can shop at any time without the hassle of going back home to check what needs to be restocked, but it also saves time in terms of the singular trips to the store as opposed to multiple ones in the event that a person omits an item in the shopping list,” says Moses Marji the LG General Manager, Marketing.

Furthermore, laundry need not be a traumatizing affair that requires a physiotherapy session upon completion. The launch of the Twin Wash system, which is a first of its kind innovation, has made life hassle-free.

With the correct settings, the connected washer cleans double the load in as little as 30 minutes, all while accepting commands through a connected app.  All the user has to do is select the preferred water settings, kick back with a glass of wine, listen to good music with the LG all-surround system and wait for two clean loads of washing.  It also doesn’t hurt to know that all this is possible while being an environmentally responsible citizen with the LG eco-friendly systems. It is 2018, and a woman can press all the buttons for progress and have it all!

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