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The Mizani 25 Miracle Leave In Conditioner – Its True

by Femme Staff
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Bad hair days can be quite unforgiving. It can feel like the world is caving in. Ok, maybe not but it can and does feel pretty bad. So much so that sometimes the only thing standing between you and a flawless look and consequently flawless productive day is your hair. Yes, a bad hair day goes way beyond hair. It can ruin your morning, your hot outfit and downright ruin your day by making you all negative and cranky.

If its any consolation, bad hair days have been known to happen on the best of us. They could be as a result of any of many things that we do in our everyday lives – a fun night at the club, a good session at the gym, a self sabotaging home treatment attempt, an alien invasion or more normal things like freshly undone braids or getting rained on. But there are worse things in life and a bad hair day need not be allowed to go as far as mess up a whole day. Bad hair days have to be stomped, vanquished and defeated. Less of the drama though, bad hair can be easily camouflaged with a few simple tricks.

I went natural a few years back and for some time I think for some time before I learnt how to take care of my natural hair I was hiding behind it. Wake up, slap some oil and be on my way. Then I started noticing some brittleness and immediately went looking for hair moisturizers to add onto the oils. But I was not buying or using them out of knowledge, just picking whatever looked impressive on the shelves. And that is where I was going wrong because the brittleness did not really go away. It would be gone for a day max and because one reason I went natural is to be able to make my hair t home, I did not go the salon to ask. Wrong again.

If I met someone who is going natural now, I would advise them to at least have several initial visits to an expert, and to use good quality products that would most likely be recommended at the salon. I was not yet out of the woods with my hair, just doing trial and error until recently when Mizani launched in Kenya and gifted me a leave in treatment at launch and I think my hair has finally met its match. Mizani has bee around but L’Oreal was holding an official launch.

I tend to fiddle with my hair a lot when I’m busy or stressed out and would actually pull off strand after strand during those days when I was dealing with weak hair. Then after using the miracle milk I realized that my hair would not come off unless I really pulled and pulled. That was my first sign that I’d come across a product that I can actually use for the long run and stop going to read random labels in beauty shops.

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The Mizani miracle milk actually does list 25 benefits among them being nourishing, being lightweight which I loooove, adding softness, and helping seal hair cuticles. I’ve found all these properties to be true and my hair is now more manageable than ever, and that this is the product I’ve been looking for all along. It caters for porosity and reduce dryness and that is what I’d always fought with all along during my brittle hair days.

The results are instant and whenever I’m brushing my hair, I actually notice less breakage. I’ve been using this product for almost a month now and I do believe that among other products, this lightweight leave in moisturizer will always be with me. My hair is short so I don’t use a whole lot – hence saving me money.

The miracle oil has prompted me to be on the lookout for other Mizani products which though admittedly pricier are value for money. After all, nothing beats a healthy head of hair for confidence and with L’Oreal I’m not worried about quality.


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