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Fighting Common Health Hazards In The Home With LG Appliances

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Everyone expects their home to be the safest place in the world. The home is where we run to for warmth, safety and companionship. However, if not properly and carefully taken care of, your house may end up being a risk to your health and the health of your family.

Designers at LG Electronics are constantly thinking of how their home appliances can help keep the homes of their customers comfortable and healthy. The following are some of the health risks that LG appliances have been designed to address in the home:

Toxic dust

LG Electronics East Africa General Manager Marketing Moses Marji says: “The indoor environment is a haven for chemicals associated with reproductive and developmental toxicity, endocrine disruption, cancer, and other health effects.”

A 2016 study led by the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University in Washington identified 45 potentially harmful chemicals in household dust that are used in products such as vinyl flooring, personal care and cleaning products, building materials, and home furnishings.

The LG CordZero Handstick is ergonomically designed with a telescoping handle allowing for seamless height adjustment and the ability to reach high ceiling corners. Anti-tangle technology prevents hairs and pet fur from getting caught on the brush. All these features combine with the wall-mounted, self-standing charger to make housework easier than ever.

Dirty linen

For many of us, the beddings are the least frequently washed pieces of fabric in the household. This is usually because bed sheets and duvets are bulky and a great inconvenience while washing.

However, health researchers have severally discovered that used pillows are home to a wide array of fungi, including Aspergillus fumigatus, which can cause serious health problems to people with immunodeficiencies.

This is where the LG Twin Wash comes to save the day. It has a powerful main washer — available in three load sizes: 17kg, 19kg and 21kg — which handles the bulk of the laundry (including the beddings), while the mini washer can be set to run a different wash cycle.

Chilly living room

Extremely low temperatures in the home may result in contracting of the flu and other respiratory conditions. People with asthma are also susceptible to low temperatures and humidity in the air.

It is therefore to ensure that the home environment is kept at safe levels conducive for the human body, both in terms of temperature and humidity levels. The LG Multi V5 Air Conditioner has Dual Sensing Smart Load Control that senses both humidity & temperature for economical and comfortable operation.

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