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LG Aims At Being The Center Of Your Smart Home Through Its Super UHD TVs

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Sitting in a couch in your living room, you will realize that watching a movie is a much more intimate experience than going out to the cinemas. Why would you go to the cinema and be caught up in the midst of an audience, most of whom will be interested in either being on their phones updating their Instagram pages or who will be having conversations thereby ruining your viewing experience?

One of the main reasons people are shying away from going to the cinemas is because of the high costs involved. Aside from the movie tickets, going to the cinemas also involves additional costs for food and drink and it gets worse when you intend to go for the movies with your family.

The advent of the internet and subsequently the emergence of video streaming services has also led to a major shift as movie enthusiasts are slowly but gradually trading in their movie seats for the comfort of their very own couches.

In this age of the internet, every technological advancements made geared towards further improving cinemas is matched by home technology through smart televisions designed to provide you with the ‘Theater Feel’ in your house. The period between which movies are released through the cinemas and their subsequent availability to be viewed at home also gets smaller and smaller leading to many people opting to watch the movies from their homes.

Increased internet penetration in the country in the last couple of years has led to the rise of streaming and downloading services has made it convenient than ever as one does not have to go to the cinema or movie shop but can livestream a movie from the comfort of the houses.

Having the right choice of Television and sound system in your house is key to ensuring that you get the feel and touch akin to the cinema. LG electronics is committed towards a unique and tantalizing home entertainment experience through its wide range of cinema systems.

“With LG’s smart TV technology, you will watch your favorite TV shows, catch up with your favorite sporting events, browse online videos and keep abreast with the latest movies and series all at the comfort of your house,” says Moses Marji, LG Electronics General Manager Marketing.

When it comes to sound system, the good news is that you do not have to fill your house with very loud speakers to get you into the world of a movie. LG’s home cinema systems are immersed with 3D surround sound designed to create a crystal-clear audio almost from every angle.

LG’s Nano cell TVs have been able to differentiate themselves from the television competition and create an enviable niche. LG’s super UHD TVs are coined to enhance the visual appeal of any home with an ultra slim design and its incomparable crescent-shaped stand, which gives it an illusion of a TV floating in the air. Their wider viewing angles allows more individuals to experience images at peak resolution therefore ideal for a large family or for movie enthusiasts keen on watching at home.

Movie going has not been what it used to be, and this has led to televisions striving to fill that gap by ushering movies into our home and bringing with it the comfort and convenience. With TVs aiming to be at the center of our smart homes, the current technological advancements are just but a drop of what the future holds.

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