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The Tecno Camon X Pro – My User Review And Experience

by Femme Staff

A few weeks ago Tecno dropped into my life a bright red Tecno Camon X Pro and I could not be more elated. One, I needed a change of phones and two, I needed a coloured phone. I’ve used black and grey phones for so long that I could swear even my phone calls were becoming dreary. The Camon X Pro is the company’s latest launch and comes with a gold trim around it and as much I’m happy with it, I must admit that the gold trim looks better on black phones. But no, I’m not having a black phone again for anything – gold trim or not :-D. There is also a Camon X that launched together, with less superior features.

What’s in the box

The phone packaging is simple but packs all one needs to use the phone. The phone itself, USB cable, charger, user manual, a 12+1 months Tecno warranty, and beautiful ergonomic, well encased earplugs than can stay in the ears for quite a long time without getting uncomfortable.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a matching red cover in the box too. I’ve never been a fan of phone covers because I’m generally careful with phones but I feel that this one comes with a particularly good one – an all round one to protect all the vitals at the front and back. At first I thought it’s a bit too plastic but I’m getting used to it. I’m using it for test and review purposes but after that I’ll prefer the phone in all its original beauty. In any case the cover hides my beloved gold trim. The phone body is also plastic but Tecno has gone ahead to make it feel like a fine fine shiny metal and to make it quite a classy beautiful device.

The packaging does not come with a custom made screen protector but as mentioned earlier, that is fine by me. I want to use the phone in its original beauty like I have always done with all phones. It does have a superior corning gorilla glass screen anyway.


Goofy add-ons fedora and mask. No the necklace is not one of them, rather it belongs to the model 😀


The cameras is where the Camon X Pro passes with flying colours, with a whopping 24MP front camera for selfie lovers. With how commonplace selfies have become, Tecno have studied the market and continuously found ways to keep customers happy. The selfie camera also comes with some inbuilt features like festive masks, fedora, necklace and fun sunglasses to keep selfies happy and goofy. These are under the beauty feature. The front camera even comes with a self timer. In any case the Camon range of phones is Tecno’s photo centric range and these cameras play right along and take things so much higher.

The front camera is also what allows facial identification, a new security feature where you can unlock your phone or apps using your face. This is in addition to the fingerprint reader at the back, pattern, and PIN. As far as security goes, that’s quite a number of safety features and I don’t see how anyone can fail to keep their phone safe with the Camon X Pro. It takes all of 2 seconds to set your face as the security face and you can always have that feature out later if you like.

The back camera is 16MP but that does not in any way mean it is shabby. It also has quite a number of features of its own, like the quad ring, it allows you to adjust brightness around a subject, and has quite a decent zoom as far as phone photography goes. I found that it captured colours so perfectly, like the greenery above which I captured somewhere en-route to Naivasha in dreary weather at a zoom of x4. Below is the same photo but without zoom.


One of the things that I love most about this phone is how light weight it is, considering it has quite a battery at 3750 mAh. I’m coming from using a Camon CX which is rather on the heavier side and this light weight phone is very very welcome in my life.

Speaking of the battery, it is a fast charge and will take no less than 2 hours to fill up to the max, and a full charge usually lasts me a full day. I’m a moderate to heavy phone user and I can’t remember the last time I carried a powerbank or felt in danger of running out of charge. Actually this is an advantage that Tecno is slowly sneaking up on us and I’m here for it. If someone is using the Camon X Pro for talk time alone, we’re looking at a battery charge that will last well over 24 hours.


The Camon X Pro has a whole 64GB internal storage expandable to 128 GB via MicroSD, and 4GB ROM. This is quite a fast running machine and for those of us who watch bits and pieces of series on phone on the go, that storage, combined with the ergonomic earplugs mentioned earlier, and a screen resolution of 2160*1080, we’re in pretty good hands. I’m quite good at applying space saving practices with apps and Google PlayStore where need be anyway and I do not see myself having to expand via MicroSD but every user is different and the option is there.


For a phone that retails for Ksh25,000/- I must say that the Camon X Pro is quite a worthy purchase considering all the above features, a beautiful user experience and the fact that it is dual SIM (nano). I’m honestly yet to fault the phone for anything but if something comes up in the course of further use, I’ll be sure to discuss it on social media and add it on here. But I’m already blinded by love. I find it a good all round gadget to have around for communication, fun, photography, entertainment and beauty.

Here are some more photos I took around and about with it.

A section of the Rift Valley as captured from Fly Over – not far from Naivasha. I love that the phone can do decent landscape photography.


I love how it captures the details of the yummy shrooms and chicken pizza close up.


I captured this one minding his own business somewhere on my way to Olepolos . Such beautiful open lands.


I love how the Camon X Pro captures the colours of this my favourite handbag which was made for me by @KurlyCheeks.


Have you used the Camon X Pro? Do please let us know your experience in the comments.

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