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Kenyan Artists Can Now Be Part Of Turborg Open In Collaboration With Diplo And MØ

by Femme Staff

Few things bring people and cultures together as much as music which is well known to transcend all borders across the world. The world has time and again been treated to great musical collaborations, with music speaking one language to pass one global message to all despite their dialect.

Take a look at Turborg Open for example, which is this year bringing to music lovers Diplo and MØ in a collaboration to explore music from around the world, exploring musical influences and creating new tracks with artists from different corners of the world. The brand behind Turborg Open is Turborg beer, which is a Danish lager.

Diplo is an American super producer who was part of last year’s campaign, and MØ is a Danish song writer and rising star. Together they have created a track, called ‘Stay Open’, with artists from around the world invited to rewrite the verses to tell the story of what being ‘Open To More’ means to them.

Now in its second year, Tuborg Open is once again bringing together a group of musicians to create a global message through music, encouraging the musicians to have the music informed by their own local cultures, and unique lyrics. In the end we’ll have a song with one beautiful message – a story in which each collaborating artist will reflect their diversity. Artists from some of Tuborg’s key markets across Asia and Europe will encourage people to be ‘Open To More’ in their own way, emphasizing that the power of trust and how an open attitude adds value to all our lives.

MØ is quite excited about the global collaboration process, having this to say: “For me, the journey you go on to get to the finished product is often the best bit. By being open to new influences, you mix together things that you think will never fit but sometimes, it really works well. I love what you learn and experience from doing that and watching the track you had at the start become something totally different.”

Speaking about this year’s campaign, Diplo says that “To be part of Tuborg Open for the second year is really cool. This year Tuborg came to us with the idea of being “Open to More” and MØ and I were already working on ‘Stay Open,’ this track about how so many times people are closed but it’s important to stay open to new people and experiences. It fits the campaign perfectly and the artists from around the world are already coming to us with ideas of how they want to change it up and add their own perspective to the idea of staying open which is the really cool bit of the project.”

The global track was released in May this year, followed by Local Track Releases starting then until July. The campaign will be supported with on-pack and digital, culminating with a live gig featuring Diplo and MØ as well as some of the local artists, later in the year.

It is exciting to see such a project that allows people around the world to be Open to More, to be curious and explore the world around them, see what comes out of that and share with others. This is what Turborg Campaign sets out to do.

On the local front, Kenyan artists will have an opportunity to participate and collaborate with international talent and I can’t wait to see who will be involved.

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