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The Nokia 6.1 – My User Experience And Review

by Femme Staff

I’ve spent some time with the Nokia 6.1, the 2018 release that came after Nokia 6. A beautiful and memorable piece of aluminium hardware that feels quite solid in the hand. By beautiful I mean black with copper trim around the whole phone and around the power and volume buttons, as well as the fingerprint reader and camera at the back. This trim really does make the phone stand out and gives it an executive look.

I do however find the back of the phone a little bit busy. As much as all the information back there may be crucial, ie the Nokia branding, the AndroidOne element which is to be celebrated, the designer and the country of manufacture, model number etc, how about greying them out maybe so that not every one of these is calling for attention? Nothing one cannot get used to though and this does not necessarily dampen the overall beauty of the device.

The Nokia 6.1 has a 5.5 inch LCD screen with full HD and is noticeably sharp at 1080*1920p. Just the gadget to watch my favourite youtube videos on.

Android one

Android 1 is the purest version of Android which also promises fast secure updates ensuring always safe and upto date, well curated software devoid of bloatware. It is in short the beautiful future.


The camera is a 16mp back and 8mp front and coupled with the world famous Zeiss lenses that Nokia has always been known to partner with, one can count on good photos with this phone. The camera has quite a bit of settings which one can tinker with to take good photos, including ISO. Interestingly, you can use both front and back cameras to take one photo, either via dual or PIP (Picture in Picture) modes, both of which are within easy reach on the screen. A feature aptly name bothie :-D, also applicable to video. Speaking of video, the phone can record 4K video though stabilization can be compromised here. Just stick to 1080p.

Carl Zeiss lenses are an old time household name in imaging with a solid name in terms superior photography and imaging.


The phone has a storage of 32GB internal storage expandable to 256GB, and 3GB RAM. If I have to carry with me a few burning (must watch) episodes of a certain series, I’m good to go with this speed and coupled with the display we spoke of earlier. I’m not really a gamer so I can’t speak on that but I don’t imagine gaming on this phone is also a joy.


The Nokia 6.1 has a non removable 3000 mAh battery, which is fast charging and should fill up in about an hour or so. This phone lasts me a day and that’s impressive considering that I’m on line on phone quite a bit. Battery duration will depend on use and with time every individual will be able to get used to their use v/s how long it stays. Who knows there are people who can even use a full charge for 3 days.


I honestly do not understand why Nokia is still shipping out with these earplugs. Or who is making them any more.
When I was having a look at Nokia One I thought maybe they were the option for a lower end/entry level gadget. They’re old fashioned and hard, they’re big and do not get into the average ear nicely, and after a few minutes of forcing them in, the ears and head hurt. I don’t get it especially because this device is so beautiful there’s a clear mismatch. The sound is not bad though.

I’m lucky I have Nokia Monster Purity HD headphones from some years back so I used them instead and I hope the company will bring this kind of thing back.

Fingerprint scanner:

The fingerprint button is also a bit low, almost towards the middle of the phone. For me and I imagine for many other people, the habitual fingerprint position is where the index finger top would fall when stretched out when holding the phone naturally without shifting it lower. But If I try this then my finger lands somewhere in the middle of the camera. Nothing I could not get used to though, except it is a rather heavy phone and I’d prefer that I have a full palm hold of it at all times without too many movements.

The phone is retailing for Ksh26,999/- and I’d say given the features and overall look, it would be a good purchase.

Here are some photos I took with the phone. As mentioned earlier, the camera is one to be counted on.

I love how the camera captures closeups in good detail above.

Little flower garden at a hotel not far from Ol-Kalau.

Road tripping to Ol-Kalau in threatening weather. Loved capturing the foot of Aberdare ranges from so far.

Dusk. Dark photography is also photography.

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