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HFC Launches HF Whizz – A Digital Banking Solution For Customer Convenience

by Femme Staff

Let’s face it, banking is such a chore! It is a necessary and in most cases compulsory part of adulting but it is still such a chore!

As children we revered the idea of the bank. We thought of banking as big and important and could not wait to grow up, make money and bank it. Back in the village, the bank was where the oh so respected teachers went every end month to get money to buy shoes for their ever smart children. Banking meant that my mother would come back with goodies. Yes, she would go to the bank, get some money and bring her young brood a treat of beef liver to pan fry for dinner. She would also bring more assorted sweets than the usual tropical mints that lived in her handbag.

Then of course we grew up, started working and came face to face with the sheer drudgery that is banking. But first we had to open accounts. Remember when banks asked for so much from potential clients before they could open an account? How they made you feel completely inferior beneath their quiet almost clinical banking halls? Interviews with the manager, referral letters from solid existing customers, a thousand forms to fill and a drop of blood? 😀 All these when all you wanted was to put your few miserable salary coins somewhere and start the saving habit? That was around the time I was coming alive to the idea of opening a bank account. Ok I wasn’t asked for all that but you get the drift.

Along with the drudgery of banking was also that of queuing to pay bills. Days when one would be sent to Kenya Power and easily while away several hours in the line without as much as a mobile phone to occupy the time. Maybe my age is showing but that’s a story for another day :-D.

Banks went on with the big man syndrome unabated for years on end. But something beautiful is happening in the banking industry and with the launch today of the HF Whizz banking app for example, banking has become something to fit snuggly into our lifestyles with no interference whatsoever.

Today’s fast moving world and even faster moving hustler has really got no time to do all these things. We want our services at the palm of our hands and we want them now. Think of a trader in your nearest market. He/she wants to get hold of some money as early as 4am, buy some inventory and get to business chap chap. That is exactly what HF Whizz is offering since its services include account opening and borrowing in as little as 7 seconds, with a keen eye on responsible lending so that people do not have loans choking them from all over the place. All on mobile phone and with just with an ID number and of course the app which can be downloaded here.

And that’s not all. From within the app and with great simplicity at that, the up and about customer will also be able to pay their bills, transfer money, pay bills purchase goods and services, buy airtime and make deposits through the Paybill No: 100400. He/she can also manage their money with the budget feature.


With all this one may wonder about the safety of their money right? Well the the digital platform has multiple built-in security layers including an advanced account authentication feature to ensure secure transactions.

When one things of HF, the first thing they’d think of is property. But since 2015, the group has since branched into a full financial services provider and a very fast one at that as we saw today.

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