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LG Invests In The Future Of Clean Energy With Risk-free NeON R Solar Panels

by Femme Staff

Clean energy is a topic that has recently made headlines in Kenya, following the announcement that the government was setting up a coal-powered power plant in the coastal town of Lamu.

Conservationists have kicked up a storm with many arguing that Kenya does not need coal, as there are clean energy options in the form of untapped solar and wind energy sources.

However, apart from off grid solar solutions in the form of solar lamps and low capacity solar chargers which are becoming popular in rural Kenya, the country does not have enough renewable energy capacity to power its growing industrial and urban residential needs. This is why innovations from electronics companies such as LG hold the promise to tapping the country’s clean energy potential.

Moses Marji, LG Electronics (EA) General Manager Marketing says LG has made significant investments in solar cell production with the aim of providing affordable clean energy to urban residential areas.

“Based on our manufacturing knowhow, we are prepared to take on a pioneering role in technological development in order to support businesses and individuals for a sustainable future. Solar power is one area where LG is very keen on,” he said.

Late last year, LG introduced the new LG Neon R solar panel that allows 100 percent of the cell area to be used for energy generation by keeping all the electrodes on the rear sides. The LG Neon R is rated at 365 Watts per panel and is capable of generating about 26 percent more power than the conventional solar panel that is rated at 290 Watts.

LG goes way beyond the industry standard 10-year warranty to offer a 25-year product warranty, covering labor and delivery for LG NeON R. The combined product and performance warranties ensure the homeowner’s peace of mind with the knowledge LG stands behind the materials, workmanship and performance of the modules for a full 25-years.

Such risk-free energy solutions on the part of the consumer are evidence that LG is confident in the technology it offers. While it is natural to wait for the government to generate grid electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar, that dream may take longer than expected. The economic case for other alternative sources such as coal and hydroelectricity mean that the public may have to wait longer to have a clean energy mix.

However, electronics companies such as LG have shown that the state may not be the only path to clean energy for those who are not willing to wait. Environmental conservation is a personal responsibility before it is a State responsibility. Applying these new and innovative solutions is one way that individuals may take part in the war to avert detrimental climate change.

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