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Exploring LG’s Commitment To Making Smarter And More Intuitive Home Devices

by Femme Staff
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The announcements at Consumer Electronics Sow (CES) in the last couple of years have integrated cloud, the Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence demonstrating how devices are getting smarter and companies collaborating to make consumers lives easier.

CES is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is a platform where large consumer technology companies make major announcements on advancement of technology in their products.

Last year LG Electronics’ Artificial Intelligence Lab introduced the DeepThinQ 1.0 to accelerate research into AI. The platform enables integration of AI into a wider range of products, allowing LG product developers to apply deep-learning technologies to future products.

Moses Marji, the General Manager Marketing at LG East Africa says the products developed with DeepThinQ are future-oriented and can educate themselves using cloud servers to become smarter over time.

The learning feature at the heart of this technology is allowing LG products to be adaptable, understanding not only their external environments but also the patterns of their customers.

Consider this, with the changing unpredictable weather patterns in Kenya, having an air conditioner that learns the environment and patterns over time cools or warms the room automatically to the preferred temperature by the customers based on previous changes done.

Now the juiciness of this technology comes when LG products in the home with AI in them learning to automatically adjust the music, lighting in the home. The InstaView ThinkQ door-in-door Fridge is smart enough to send messages to your phone and tell you when you are running low on various groceries. It would be even more convenient if LG collaborated with a local supermarket and get groceries delivered to the home.

Through machine learning, the product learns with time that a user enjoys a cooler room during the day or between certain hours. The air conditioner can get input of the current temperatures and adjust accordingly if warm, moderate or cooler.

DeepThinQ is adaptable to your way of living through learning your patterns thus making you focus on other matters more important than the mundane such as changing the AC or having to think of shopping late in the night.

ThinQ will change the way consumers use products as the products provide intelligent services, which is the age we live in. The next generation is indeed in for a treat with smarter technologies.

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