Mothers! Magic women who juggle everything from career, to raising us to attending meetings and running the home without seeming to miss a beat…all the while looking fabulous!

What could we ever do without them as kids? Even now as grown ups with children of our own we still find a deep-rooted need for guidance from them and crave their sheer presence in our lives.

But do we ever stop to think what it actually takes for them to do all these things? And the fact that they actually could do with some help every once in a while?

Well, African Mommy has!

African Mommy is a forum where moms and women in general interact, celebrate each other and get linkages to important networks. We all want to be the best version of ourselves and this is what the platform ultimately aims to enable; bringing out our fierce, happy selves!

Now, African Mommy is running a promo which will run from June till the end of August where the top 3 most engaged contributors on the platform stand to win up to Ksh. 4,000 in cash!

What could possibly be a better way to celebrate the role that African mothers play in nurturing societies and holding them together than by enabling them to reach out to other mothers for tips and ideas on how they could be even more of super moms?

Plus a little reward to them is something that they absolutely deserve, no? That way they can get some little ‘me time’, sort out some pressing needs or, knowing moms, treat their children! For all they’ve done for us, a little reward is certainly welcome!

There is no limit to the helpful topics on the platform and looking at the site, I can already see our very own champions like Naisula Lesuuda being featured. There is so much to read and engage with, from pregnancy tips, parenting, fashion, food, fitness and even the option to connect with medical practitioners. This is certainly an empowering community that you should check out. Hurry now to sign up and create a group to connect with other amazing moms.

So go on, click here to register and unlock the awesomeness in you. #ThankMeLater 😉

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