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Meet Charles Macheso, A Teacher Whose Life Was Transformed By Minet Medical Scheme

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Life is delicate and unpredictable. One day you are fine and the next, everything has gone horribly wrong. Its uncertainty has a way of hurling surprises at you when you are unprepared. Sometimes, to be always ready to face it head on and deal with the contingencies, things we often tend to ignore like insurance cover is mandatory.

Every adult can relate to making his or her own bed every morning, paying the bills, bringing food to the table, and guaranteeing the safety of your family both health-wise and financially. However, it only takes one small thing for everything to fall or leave you hopeless. Should an accident occur, God forbid, the effect will scar your family and future for generations to come.

You might be left hopeless, poor, and with no forthcoming help. It is particularly worse if you are the breadwinner and everybody looks up to you.

Charles Macheso, a teacher by profession, is a living testimony on how an insurance cover can save you and your family unmeasurable distress.

It was just a normal day on September 6, 1999, and as Mr. Macheso went about his daily routine, little did he know what fate held in store for him. He fell into a ditch, an accident that resulted in a spinal injury.

He was rushed to a general hospital in Bungoma and where he remained admitted in agony for two whole months. During his stay, he somehow met a doctor from Bungoma west who directed him to Mediheal, a private hospital in Eldoret for better treatment.

After going through all the trouble of staying in the hospital bed for two months in Eldoret, through scans and imaging, it was discovered that the problem was a dislocated rib from the spine. It was resting within the muscles – possibly why he remained in bed for that long – and a corrective surgery was necessary.

Initially, there were plans that Mr. Macheso would be airlifted for further treatment abroad, something which, according to him, his family and relatives couldn’t have afforded.

“It was then that I heard about Minet through the media and the newspapers,” said Mr. Macheso.

He had his surgery. The problem was fixed and after registering for Minet Teachers Medical Scheme, all his bills in Mediheal Hospital were taken care of.

Voicing his unbelief, Mr. Macheso claims that others had already made up their minds that he would end up a lame man, but thanks to Minet cover for teachers, he now can walk upright, straight and like a soldier. He says that the service offered by the insurer couldn’t be compared to any other.

“If there is any teacher who has not joined or has not heard of Minet, let them try now because it even covers the family members!” Mr. Macheso said.

His story confirms how an insurance cover can give you a second chance in life. Minet Teachers Medical Scheme was his holy grail. Many people tend to ignore or brush aside the feeling thinking it is not important unaware of how vital it is. If you are a teacher, like Mr. Macheso, you should register for Minet.

What is Minet Teachers Medical Scheme?

Minet is a medical cover only members of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) are eligible. The cover includes the teacher’s family, that is, one spouse and children of up to 18 years of age, and 25 years if the child is enrolled in a tertiary institution.

Any TSC member can register for Minet by dialing a USSD code *865# using your Safaricom or Airtel line followed by a biometric entry done at the hospital. The process prompts real names, role, and gender. After the confirmation, you will be required to register your dependants.

Medical services can be accessed through dialing *340# where you are prompted to choose the hospital, the service you want, the county, and the sub-county. You will then be redirected to the nearest medical facility.

Benefits of Minet Teachers Medical Scheme

Minet covers several types of illnesses including the chronic types like epilepsy and cancer among others. The service is instant and one doesn’t necessarily have to wait for 12 months as is the case with other insurers.

Where you cannot get treatment locally, Minet will offer travel assistance, airfare, pick up from the airport, transfer to the hospital, to name a few. If you’d been airlifted, upon getting back into the country, Minet will link you to a professional to make a follow up on your health.

Other benefits include covering maternity cases including emergencies, congenital conditions, elective cesarean sections, and pre-mature expenses. Moreover, members can utilize other Minet services such as optical and dental services as wells as wellness packages, psychiatric and counseling services. Without forgetting, members are also entitled to statutory benefits under the NHIF scheme as they still pay their statutory deductions.

That said, don’t just sit and rely on fate to determine your future. You can change it today and ensure your family and financial position is safe through Minet Teachers Medical Scheme.

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