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5 Ways To Curb Sugar Cravings

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In the modern lifestyle, people have been known to consume over 20 teaspoons of unnecessary refined sugar per day. This not only opens one up to diabetes and other lifestyle diseases but to other undesirable effects as well. For example, the skin suffers due to excess sugar consumption and this way, sugar can be directly linked to accelerating the aging process. Too much sugar has been known to overload the liver as well as affect the heart. It has also been known to wreck havoc on the digestive system, thus making it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Perhaps the first thing we learn about sugar when we’re kids is that it causes tooth decay.

It is obviously important that we learn to keep sugar consumption on the low for the sake of health and well being. Here are 5 ways to curb sugar cravings. Things you can start doing immediately to set your health journey in the right direction.

1. Consume sugar from healthy sources

Stock up on fruits and sweet vegetables and reach for this instead of artificial sugar the next time you feel a craving coming. Fruits and vegetables like carrots, bananas and water melon to name a few come with the sugar you crave, hydration, as well as some nutrients and fiber.

2. Consume whole foods

Make your overall everyday diet rich in whole grains and protein rich foods. Protein is known to stabilize blood sugar levels and whole foods have lots of fiber which helps you feel fuller for longer.

3. Drink lots of water

Sometimes when you think you’re craving sugar, your body may only be dehydrated. When next you have a craving for sugar, try taking a glass of water and a healthy snack and waiting it out instead of reaching for a can of soda. You may be surprised you never needed sugar at all.

4. Eat regular meals

Many people have a misinformed habit of skipping meals in an attempt to control weight but what we don’t realize is that regular meals help to stabilize our blood sugar levels. It is a drop in blood sugar levels that often leads to cravings.A regular serving of healthy meals and snacks will prevent this drop in blood sugar levels.

5. Exercise

Other than taking your mind off the sugar cravings you may be having, exercise is also a natural energy booster. The next time you feel a craving, take a 10 minute walk and it may very well be gone after that.

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