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The Transformative Power Of Hair To A Woman

by Femme Staff
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Few of us can deny what confidence does to a woman. And as much as a lot of that confidence is natural born in many women, there is also the added confidence that comes with knowing that you look bomb! Wake up, dress up nice, wear your favourite scent and style your crowning glory and you feel like you can conquer the world! This confidence and sexiness will translate into a general feel good vibe, better performance at work, and because it also makes you love yourself, better relationships with people. This applies also when going out on a date for example. When a woman takes her time to look good, she feels feminine and sexy, she’s in love with herself first and foremost and therefore lovable.

Hair has been one of the most emphasized aspects of femininity. We’ve seen it on billboards, just about every lifestyle magazine big and small, and it has been sung about in songs. For a woman, hair is the ultimate secret weapon. We have watched chick flicks at one point in our lives and wanted to imitate the visual effects where the lady walks in slow motion with her hair following the wind. We have wanted to do that and some of us have even tried it, because for a woman hair is everything. It brings out the uniqueness and sensuality that is a woman, a creature of both beauty and brains.

Hair is transformative

You know that feeling when you walk into a salon on a bad hair day, sit it out with your stylist for a few hours and by the time you walk of that salon you cannot believe the beauty you’re seeing? That is the transformative power of good hair. And this power works with feel good chemicals in your brain to bring out a better, sexier you.

A large part of transformation for a woman will usually include cleaning the hair, having some neat braids done, and donning a beautiful wig. It can also involve the same process, but this time with a colourful bouncy weave being sewn or laced on. It could also be simple fun braids in a daring or demure modern style and colour. Whatever it is, one partner that has always held women’s hands in their quest for transformation is Abuja braids. These braids that have been a favourite for many for years and are now coming in larger volume, so that you buy less bundles. The company aims to improve our experience with these very popular extensions and offer us value for money. Gone are the days when your saloonist asked for so many bundles of braids!

The way we choose to wear our hair at any given point also strengthens our personality. There is a reason why some people prefer dyeing their hair lighter colors while others prefer dark ones and vice versa. Why is it that some people prefer braids while others prefer afros? Why is it that today you prefer to be in a short bob while next time you do long braids? These are the hairstyle changes that we make in life to match with our mood and to reward ourselves.

Actually a change of hairstyle is one of the best final push when a woman needs a new beginning. Say you’re just out of a bad relationship and you can feel your life shaping back to normal. Or you’ve just been through months of exercise and you’re feeling and looking super sexy and shapely. What better to go with this than a totally new look! Like a new haircut, new braids or colour. And we all know that one of the best ways of having some colour on your head if you do not want to dye your actual hair is having a wig, weave or braids.

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