Not many Kenyans are known to have an insurance cover. Stats show that the penetration of insurance products and services in Kenya is slightly above 3 percent. Majority of Kenyans with an insurance cover are on the NHIF program, and not because they want to, but because it is a statutory requirement.

What most Kenyans don’t know is the importance of an insurance cover in their lives. An insurance cover is like an umbrella that comes in handy on a rainy day. Having an insurance cover means you are protected. Barclays Bank of Kenya, through its Barclays Bank Insurance agency offers both Life and General insurance lines. Some of the products that will interest you for instance, has two types of insurance products and services that might be just what you are looking for.

Non-Life Insurance

Domestic Package:

This Insurance package gives protection to home owners/renters against loss or damage to dwellings / buildings, household goods, and personal belongings against Theft , Fire, Riots , Malicious damage and floods etc.- It also offers personal liabilities to third parties and compensation to Domestic Servants.

The political environment in Kenya is unpredictable. Every election year comes with its own form of violence and in the process, properties and products are often damaged. This package is the best in shielding you from moving back to grass from grace in blink of an eye.

Motor Insurance:

Provides Insurance protection against accidental loss and damage to both private and commercial vehicles as well as protection against legal liabilities to third parties. If you are a vehicle owner, this is the cover you need.

Personal Accident Cover:

This is a cover which affords compensation for death, permanent disablement, temporary loss of income due to disablement, and medical expenses arising from an accident. Accidents do happen. They never announce when they are about to. It is always good to be prepared. The wise always cover themselves with an insurance.

Payment Card Insurance:

This provides Travel Insurance cover, ATM Robbery, purchase protection, personal accident and domestic package insurances for both debit and credit card holders. If you stay in Nairobi or any other major town in Kenya, this is the insurance product that I think you should have.

There is a lot more to learn about the importance and language of insurance and Barclays bank has Partnered with various insurance companies  to ensure you get access to various specialized and generic insurance products .  Their brand ambassadors and BBK  staff  are at hand to guide you in accessing the appropriate insurance products that will meet your current and future needs. Kindly engage them as you visit the malls within the city. How cool is that? A one stop place where you can get all your insurance needs sorted by experts. Because let’s face it, insurance jargon can be quite confusing and many if not most of us need a bit of help in that department.

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