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LG Steals The Stage At The 2019 Consumer Electronic Show

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The 2019 Consumer Electronic Show wrapped last Friday and there were many highlights from LG.

Here are some awesome announcements:

LG Signature OLED R

LG wowed fans with the first rollable TV set announced at last week’s show. The TV has three viewing modes: Full View (the display fully rolls out to watch TV), Line View (the display is partially unrolled and can show the time, the weather, photos, an ambient scene like a fireplace, stream music and access to the home dashboard) and finally Zero View (the display disappears but you can still listen to music through the 100-watts built-in Dolby Atmos speakers). The TV will have incorporate Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in as well as support for the Apple AirPlay 2 wireless technology and HomeKit—the former allows users to stream videos, music, photos directly from their Apple devices, while the latter can control the TV using Apple’s Home app or its personal digital assistant, Siri.

XBOOM Lineup

LG’s high-end XBOOM delivers a robust 2,000W output, employing a proprietary Blast Horn – a folded air duct behind the driver designed to create acoustic sound pressure by directing air through an amplifying duct – ensuring high-frequency reproduction and bass performance; creating sound users can feel as well as hear. It also offers Meridian Mode, developed in collaboration with the experts at renowned British company Meridian Audio. This exclusive sound setting results in clearer vocals and more responsive bass, perfect for sound buffs who enjoy listening to music while relaxing at home.


Powered by the company’s second-generation α (Alpha) 9 Gen 2 intelligent processor and deep learning algorithm, the new models offer a higher level of AI picture and sound experience quality. The premium 75-inch 8K LCD TVs lineup will be rolled out under the name NanoCell TV, highlighting its picture enhancement provided by NanoCell technology (NanoColor), color accuracy in wide viewing angle (NanoAccuracy) and ultra-narrow thin bezel with sleek design (NanoBezel).  These NanoCell TVs will also offer AI-enhanced picture and sound, powered by a deep learning algorithm, as well as the streamlined experience offered by ThinQ.

Ultra-Wide and Ultra-Game Monitors

LG’s debuted its UltraWide with a 32:9 ratio/49-inch/5120 x 1440 aspect ratio curved screen that delivers exceptional picture quality and ideal for multitasking. This works for people in finance, IT, design and architecture where display accuracy and quality are required.

The UltraGear Monitor for gamers was also launched with support for NVIDIA G-SYNC and a 144Hz refresh rate for fast and fluid gaming without tearing. These screens provide vivid imagery  on the monitor’s 3840 x 1600 21:9 aspect ratio, curved screen and virtually borderless design. Sphere Lighting, designed for immersive gaming ambiance, offers up to six different color settings that eminate from the back of the monitor and can be tailored to the gamers’ mood while also helping to reduce eye fatigue.

LG Gram

LG revealed its ultra-light gram laptops– the 17-inch and 14-inch with the 2-in-1 options- certified with the U.S. military MIL-STD-810G standard for durability.

The slim 17-inch LG gram is equipped with a Wide Quad Extended Graphics Array (WQXGA) display of 2560 x 1600 pixels/16:10 ratio, resulting in highly detailed images with incredibly precise color reproduction. It also boasts its light-weight nature of 1,340 grams and efficient 72W battery that allows up to 19.5 hours of operation on a single charge.

It also comes equipped with 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processor and a 16GB of DDR4 memory boost; and a further 256GB solid-state drive. This makes it powerhouse portable workstation.

The 2 in 1 14-inch gram is aimed at creative users, capable of conveniently to transform from laptop to tablet and back again. This comes equipped with the same 72W battery, but with up to 21 hours.

It also comes with a Wacom AES 2.0 Pen for a natural, precise drawing experience on the durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 surface.


Kenyans this Njaanuary will surely love this.

Designed for beer enthusiasts, the HomeBrew allows for the in-home production of various popular styles insuring excellent results with every batch. It can produce up to five liters of premium quality beer in approximately two weeks depending on the beer type.

Currently, one can produce five distinctive, richly-flavored beers hoppy American IPA, golden American Pale Ale, full-bodied English Stout, zesty Belgian-style Witbier and dry Czech Pilsner.

Ultra Large Twin Wash

The company debuted its large capacity laundry solution that incorporates Wi-Fi and SmartThinQ® technology, enhancing user convenience by making laundry, and the home, more intelligent.

Equipped with SideKick™ pedestal washer and DUAL Inverter Heat Pump™ dryer, the TWINWash makes it possible run two loads at once while gently drying a third at low temperature.

LG Styler

The premium LG Styler Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door brings functionality and elegance to the home with a refined, modern design and the ability to keep clothes hygienically clean and looking their very best. The new tinted black-glass door exudes sophistication while the unit goes about effortlessly and conveniently refreshing three garments simultaneously. The inclusion of Smart Diagnosis™ and SmartThinQ™ offers users the benefit of fast, accurate support and the ability to tap into the Google Assistant with only one’s voice.

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