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What does your nail polish say about you?

by Jeanne Ongiyo


It is no doubt that nail polish has become a wave in the cosmetic industry even shockingly among nail biting culprits (I stand accused). The range of colours that the nail polish come in has also been revamped with the introduction almost fifty shades of the colour red which would not look any different in the eyes of a non nail polish expert. Truth be told, the colour of one’s nail polish reflects that particular individual’s mood or in some way it has something to do with one’s character. Ladies, here is a breakdown of my opinion on what your nail polish says about you.

I love red nail polish on my nails. This is probably because it is believed that red nail polish expresses confidence. Red nail polish should however be avoided in interviews or places of work where one is working as a subordinate since you wouldn’t like to put out an ‘on top of the world’ kind of attitude. Red nail polish is ideal for date nights since it also gives of a flirty vibe that is sure to set the mood right.

Yellow…this colour screams out all sorts of fun and energy! Yellow nail polish is therefore ideal for summer time, picnics or other outdoor activities where you let loose. If you choose this colour of nail polish then that automatically means that you are not afraid to stand out as yellow catches the eye. Neon colours also fall in this category since they express the sense of a bubbly atmosphere as well.

Ever wondered why everyone seems to come to you for advice of late? Might be your cool green nail polish which shows some sense of maturity and calmness. The complete opposite of the colour red, green nail polish eludes a soft spoken personality and puts one in a relaxed mood. This is the reason why a walk in a green field would also calm one’s nerves.

Blue is associated with influence, power and stability. This is derived from the blue colour of the vast oceans and seas all over the world. Blue nail polish shows that you are in control of situations and you can make instantaneous decisions without being swayed or coerced. Ever in authority and you don’t know what nail polish suits you, try a shade of blue depending on your skin tone.

Whenever you land a new job, have a new baby or move into a new house, splash some white nail polish to draw attention to the new developments known. White nail polish expresses a sense of new beginnings and it also leaves out an avenue for endless possibilities in life.

Black is commonly associated with evil and darkness but just like the colour red, black nail polish expresses power. The difference however comes in whereby the colour black provides a barrier that due to the perceived dark nature of the colour black, your nail polish will provide a barrier that will give you assurance that no one will mess with you. Ladies, when you’re in your ‘I got this’ mood, black nail polish is the way to go and look classy while at it.

Aside from colours, chipped nail polish or otherwise chunky coats of nail polish are a major ‘no-no’ for all ladies. In my opinion, a lady should have no excuse to have chipped nail polish. Whether we blame it on our busy lifestyles that eat into out beauty time or the kind of work we engage in, clean and well trimmed nails would look perfect even when not polished in any of the bright and trendy colours in stores.

So…ladies, the next time you pick that nail polish, just remember that your nails already tell your story before you explain yourself.

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Christine September 10, 2015 - 5:36 pm

Useful. Colour detects the mood . So much about colour. Lovely read

Femme Staff February 4, 2016 - 6:39 am

True that Christine. Thanks for visiting!


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