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Random Memories That Make Me Smile

by Shiko Msa
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1. The day my sister learnt that the reverse of an ointment cap is used to pierce the seal. Close to a week later she was still shaking her head. She vowed to purchase 100 ointments and have a teeth-gritted puncture fest for all her 30 years and 3 kids of using all manner of crude weapons. Including twigs.

2.  The day  someone, a manual car driver tried out an automatic for the first time, balancing non existent levers and wondering what the heck.

3.  The day my Mum first saw, nay, experienced Google earth and transformed before my very eyes into this excited little girl. We ‘visited’ homesteads in the neighborhood plus schools and shopping centers further afield. The new road right up to the point where it’s yet to be completed, the new block of classrooms in the nearby school, the Catholic Church academy under construction, and look! Wakinyua’s new tank! Wakinyua’s new tank! All this was before street view where she flipped on arrival. Needless to say.

4.  The day this otherwise very out there chap in the office was frantically looking for a camera to photograph his computer screen, to capture an error message for when IT arrived from lunch. I was witness to his face palm moment when he learnt of prt scr. He has never heard the end of it because he has since accepted his new nick name. Print Screen.

Jigsaw p 300x155 Random Memories That Make Me Smile:

5.  The jubilant day I completed a two thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. It took me about  a month of near complete obsession and hawk eyed vigilance on my little nephew whose sole purpose at that point in life was to misplace a piece here and chew on a piece there. Begging, cajoling and outright bribing was already half the challenge! He danced about and lifted his little hands with me when ‘we’ finally made it.

6. This article right here: This is a comp and this is a mouse. Especially the comment about moving the monitor to center the cursor.

7.  Back in the day well before vibrating phones were the norm, a friend’s vibrated in her pocket in a packed matatu – pressed against some guy’s thigh. He contorted this frightened bewildered face, stopped the matatu in a panic, alighted and literally ran away very fast. We were unable to guess what might have gone through his poor head. Dude must have thought it was a bomb about to go off.

Jungle skirt1 300x224 Random Memories That Make Me Smile:

8.  When my village thought I had joined the army. They didn’t ask, just assumed that anyone who wears military looking garb is in the army and then kept the rumour going. It has since been dispelled I believe.

9.  The day they, family, took away my rubiks apparently because the sheer obsession was threatening to interfere with my mental faculties. Ok, homework and household chores too but that is not what they said. They said “it will drive her nuts”

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