Are you tired of making regular pancakes day in day out? Give your Sunday breakfast some life by trying out these five tricks to add some yum, colour and healthy goodness to your pancakes. Several of these are particularly good for children, some of who are fussy eaters.

1. Carrot/Pumpkin Pancakes

For a healthy twist in your pancakes, finely grate some carrots and add them to the batter before frying. Alternatively, pumpkins too can be parboiled, mashed and mixed in. Go easy on sugar or honey when using any of these vegetables as they are already sweet. Make this kind of pancake even healthier by using whole wheat flour.

2. Pancake Pizza

You have a large wide circle so you might as well make pretend pizza. You can use jam or nutella for the pizza sauce and feel free to get experimental with the other toppings depending on your palate and cravings for the day. Pineapple, strawberries, desiccated coconut, bacon, marshmallows, ice cream, anything really. Knock yourself out with the possibilities.

3. Weetabix Pancakes

Make weetabix a bit more interesting than the milk, sugar and fruit mix we do in a rush. Spare a little time and make pancakes with your weetabix. Crush 2 pieces of weetabix, add 2 beaten eggs and a cup of milk. Add sugar to taste to make a pancake batter, then proceed to pan fry as normal.


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4. Rainbow Pancakes

Make your pancake batter as usual, ladle it into separate bowls and add a different food colour to each of the bowls. You do not necessarily have to have all the 9 colours, just a few of your favourites. Fry and stack.

5. Sweetcorn Pancakes

Thrown in a handful of  sweetcorn into your batter and fry pancakes as normal. Other than the refreshing pop, sweetcorn also adds vitamins, antioxidants and fiber to your pancakes.

Tip: Make batter in advance and refrigerate for about an hour for it to acquire a nice thickness.

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